The increased laboratory activity as a result of more and more analyzes linked to covid-19 means that the regions must search with lights and lanterns for, for example, pipette tips and special test tubes.

Last spring, there was a crisis over hand alcohol, gloves, aprons, visors and mouth guards.

Now it is the staff who analyze the virus who are sometimes without material.

- It is a difficult situation when the whole of Europe demands the same things, but we have learned a lot since last spring, says Region Västerbotten's logistics manager Mattias Norrman.

Lactose intolerant must be left behind

According to the head of laboratory medicine in Västerbotten, special priorities are forced.

- We have chosen not to test those who suspect that they are lactose intolerant.

It is easy to just stop using products with lactose.

That group must stand back so that our limited lab equipment will be enough for what we have to prioritize in covid times, says Ewa Lassén.

Hear logistics manager Mattias Norrman about the material supply in the clip above.