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criticism of Harvard Professor Ramseyer, who is a victim of a comfort woman, is a voluntary prostitute is increasing worldwide.

Two Nobel laureates in economics also issued a joint criticism statement, who strongly criticized Ramsey's claim that it was the same as claiming that there was no genocide of Jews during World War II.

This is Kim Yoon-soo, correspondent from Washington.

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is a forum for economists urging Professor Ramsey to withdraw his thesis.

In just five days, more than 2,400 economists from around the world signed.

Stanford University professor Alvin Ross, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2012, and Paul Milgrom, Stanford University professor, who received the Nobel Prize in economics last year, were also listed on the market.

It is the third Nobel Prize winner, following Professor Maskin at Harvard University, who signed earlier.

The two Nobel Prize winners also issued joint criticism statements.

The two professors thought a lot about Ramsey's thesis and discussed it a lot, but they said it was painful in many ways.

He stressed that he had no choice but to recall the claim of denying the Holocaust, arguing that there was no genocide of Jews during World War II.

The two professors, who are also masters of the'game theory,' which Professor Ramsey used to define comfort women as contract prostitutes, argued that'game theory' was not used for that.

[Su Mialon/Mi Emory University Professor of Economics: Academic freedom is truly unacceptable for the use of science for such political purposes or for actions that rationalize violence and exploitation.

Sharing this anger together.] The

two Nobel Prize winners also sent their criticism to the other four Nobel Prize winners and appealed for their participation.

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