President Biden of the United States said that the mutated coronavirus could increase the number of infected people again, and urged him to proceed with vaccination and to take thorough measures against infection such as wearing a mask.

President Biden made a speech on the 26th after visiting southern Texas and visiting a large government facility to promote vaccination.

Among them, President Biden said, "The United States is vaccinated the most in the world, and the number of infected people and inpatients is decreasing," and appealed that measures are being taken.

He added, "The emergence of mutant viruses may increase the number of infected people again, and we must be honest that it is not time to relax our vigilance." He showed caution about the spread of mutant viruses and masked them with vaccination. We called for thorough measures against infection, such as wearing a mask and washing hands.

In the United States, the first confirmed mutant virus has been found in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and it is reported that infections with other new mutant viruses are increasing in New York City in the east and California in the west. The CDC = Disease Control Center is becoming more vigilant.