The Saint-Nicolas-et-Sainte-Alexandra church, rue Longchamp, was inaugurated in 1859 -

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He rejects the request of the Russian Federation.

The Nice Judicial Court has just annulled notarial deeds presented in 2014 by the country which transferred to it the Orthodox "church town" and a cemetery of the Riviera capital, thus confirming the local religious association in the ownership of these two very symbolic.

During a civil hearing on November 17, the Russian Orthodox Worship Association (Acor) argued that it had owned these two properties since the 1920s and that the notarial deeds presented by the Russian Federation were not valid.

"Acquisitive prescription"

The court recognizes that the Acor owns by “acquisitive prescription” the church of Saint-Nicolas-et-Sainte-Alexandra as well as the Russian cemetery of Caucade where many descendants of white Russians who fled the Bolshevik revolution lie.

On the other hand, he dismissed the appeal concerning three plots adjacent to Saint Nicholas Cathedral, a building classified as historical monuments, which the Russian Federation had managed to recover in 2013 after a long legal battle.

"We will be able to provide worship and bury our dead", reacted Alexis Obolensky, the president of Acor, regretting that justice "deprives them of land for which [Acor] has been paying property taxes since 1927" and where a real estate transaction was planned.

Me Andrea Pinna, in the interests of the Russian Federation, was unable to indicate whether her client, who has three months to do so, was going to appeal.


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