China News Agency, Beijing, February 27th. Comprehensive news: In response to the US air strikes against Iranian-backed militia targets in eastern Syria, many countries issued statements condemning the US attacks and calling on the US to respect Syria's territorial and sovereign integrity.

  According to the Syrian National News Agency, the Syrian government publicly condemned the US air strike on the 26th.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement stating that the US air strikes on the Syrian-Iran border area not only violated international law and the UN Charter, but also sent a "negative signal" from the US government in terms of policy.

The statement stated that this move will lead to an escalation of the regional situation, and the United States should immediately cease its aggressive behavior.

The statement also emphasized that Syria pledged to "restore every inch of land and free it from occupation and terrorism."

On February 26, local time, the satellite image disclosed by Maxar showed the before and after scenes of the airstrike facilities on the border between Syria and Iraq.

According to reports, on the 25th local time, US President Biden ordered the US military to launch an air strike against the facilities of the pro-Iranian militia in Syria, which has caused at least 22 deaths so far.

The picture shows the scene before the air attack.

  According to Iranian media reports, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Khatibzad said on the 26th that the US strike against Syria was an aggressive attack, a flagrant violation of human rights and a violation of international law, and Iran strongly condemned it.

The spokesperson also pointed out that the United States’ attacks on Syria’s facilities undermine Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and will increase conflicts in the region and destabilize the situation.

  According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said on the 26th that Russia strongly condemned the US air strikes on Syria and called on the US to unconditionally respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Russia opposes any act that turns Syrian territory into an arena of geopolitical struggle.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also stated on the 26th that the United States had notified the Russian troops stationed in Syria four to five minutes before the airstrike in Syria, but such a notification was "meaningless."

Russia has repeatedly expressed concern about the US military operations in Syria.

  The U.S. Department of Defense issued a statement on the 25th that the U.S. military launched an air strike against Iran-backed militia targets in eastern Syria earlier that day. The airstrike was ordered by President Biden. The attack destroyed multiple facilities at a control point of a militia organization including the "Allah Brigade". The statement stated that the airstrike was a response to the recent attacks on Iraqi personnel of the US military and the multinational coalition forces and continued threats, and it was a "defensive attack." According to US media reports, a reporter asked what kind of signal the US airstrikes in eastern Syria sent to Iran. US President Biden responded on the 26th that the US signal was to warn Iran to "be careful." (Finish)