China News Service, Fuzhou, February 27th. Title: Taiwan Youth Couples Start a Business and Employment in Fuzhou: I teach golf to adults and piano to children

  Author Zheng Jiangluo

  Liu Zongxin is from New Taipei, Taiwan and is a golf coach.

Lin Yuqing comes from Taichung, Taiwan and is a piano teacher.

  Liu Zongxin came to Fuzhou for nearly ten years, and his grandfathers came to Fuzhou for development in their early years.

In Liu Zongxin's view, the mainland has more development opportunities than Taiwan.

  He told reporters that many of our generation of Taiwanese youth choose to develop in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Fuzhou is similar to Taiwan's food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and has mutual care with his family in Fuzhou, so he chose to come to Fuzhou.

  Liu Zongxin said that the early golf swing teaching can be done indoors.

In order to allow more people to get in touch with and learn golf, in 2016, Liu Zongxin tried to set up an indoor course to teach golf for the first time in Fuzhou, and was committed to promoting golf youth sports for all.

He also introduced a golf simulator.

Following the development of the mainland's digital economy, "intelligence" is also integrated into golf teaching.

  In 2017, Liu Zongxin's girlfriend Lin Yuqing also came to Fuzhou to develop under his influence and is currently doing piano training in Fuzhou.

Lin Yuqing discovered that, unlike Taiwan’s "fewer births", there are more students on the mainland.

Moreover, she also saw greater "business opportunities" in the mainland.

  In the early stage, Lin Yuqing mainly worked as a piano tutor in Fuzhou, and some of the students came from the children of students taught by Liu Zongxin.

Liu Zongxin said, "I teach golf for adults, and she teaches piano lessons for children."

Now, through online and offline drainage, she has more students.

  In June last year, the couple was invited by another Taiwanese young Allen Network Technology founder Li Zhengneng to join the "First Cloud Home" to accelerate the development of online education and bridge the gap between online and offline.

  Lin Yuqing said that teaching methods in the mainland include not only the "one-to-one" method, but also the combination of wired online and offline. "Online can become an auxiliary channel for my teaching, and offline, the music skills can be improved. Be more specialized."

  Li Zhengneng, who is engaged in English education and training, has been cultivating in Fuzhou for 20 years, and is committed to helping the Rongtai Youth expand network channels and transform development.

The "Taiwan Youth First Cloud Home" platform is designed to help the "new" Taiwan Youth Group develop the market, which has few customers.

At present, 16 Taiwanese youths including Liu Zongxin and his wife have settled in the base, covering education and training in English, music, golf, and fine arts.

  Under the influence of the epidemic, Liu Zongxin’s indoor golf teaching was also interrupted. For Liu Zongxin, this also meant new challenges and transformations. He switched his energies to online teaching. He also opened a free "teaching" course. He hopes to popularize golf and make more people fall in love with the golf course.

  This year is the first time that Taiwanese young couple Liu Zongxin and his newlywed wife Lin Yuqing stay in Fuzhou to celebrate the New Year. The couple's career blueprint in Fuzhou has been slowly unfolded, and they plan to have children within two years.

They laughed and said that now they must work hard to earn enough "milk powder" money, so that the family can have a better life in Fuzhou in the future.