Three years ago, President Biden spoke with King Salman of Saudi Arabia in a telephone conversation to emphasize human rights issues before the U.S. government soon released a report on the murder of a Saudi journalist. ..

President Biden had a telephone conversation with King Salman of Saudi Arabia on the 25th.

According to the White House announcement, the two leaders discussed diplomatic efforts to end the civil war in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is intervening in the military, with the United States and the United Nations leading the mediation.

The Biden administration has changed the policy of the former Trump administration, withdrew support such as selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, and said that it would "realign" the relationship between the two countries, and President Biden emphasized human rights issues and the rule of law at the meeting It is said that he showed an attitude to do.

Regarding human rights issues, the US intelligence agency is close to the Saudi Arabian side about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi three years ago, when the involvement of Crown Prince Muhammad, who holds the real power of national affairs in Saudi Arabia, was allegedly taken. It is reported that the report will be released.

It is not clear at the meeting whether the report was mentioned, but there is also interest in how human rights issues will affect relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia.