client, February 26. The Ministry of Education website announced on the 26th that in 2020, through the joint efforts of all parties, all counties (cities, districts) across the country will achieve "the average salary level of compulsory education teachers is not lower than that of local civil servants. "(Hereinafter referred to as "not less than") target.

According to reports, at present, some places do not consider compulsory education teachers when considering the general distribution of incentive subsidies to civil servants.

In response, the State Council’s Education Supervision Office issued a reminder that in order to prevent the problem from rebounding, it reminds local governments and relevant departments to continue to attach great importance to the realization of the goal of “no less than”, and establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of compulsory education teachers’ salary income with civil servants.

In 2021, the Office of the Education Supervision Committee of the State Council will continue to pay attention to the implementation of "no less than" in various regions, implement listing supervision on places with serious problems, and seriously hold accountable comrades and leaders in charge of counties (cities, districts) where implementation is not in place responsibility.