A long period of severe winter cold has meant that more and more people have gone out on the lakes in Kronoberg to fish or walk.

Johan Lihné, who runs a sport fishing shop in Växjö, notices the increased demand. 

- It's out of stock with all suppliers.

We are not getting more equipment right now, he tells SVT. 

Serious ice accidents

But when the temperature rises, the risk of accidents out on the lakes also increases.

In a short time, two serious ice accidents have occurred in Sweden and during Thursday evening, four men drowned in Sävsjö.

According to the rescue service, it is about fishermen who have died.

After that, the National Ice Safety Council has even called on the public to stay ashore. 

Johan Lihné often gets questions about the safety of the ice both in the shop or when he is out fishing. 

- Sometimes people go out to me on the ice and ask if it is thick and safe.

It's a big concern.

You should never go out on an ice that you do not know, he says.