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From the most discreet to the most massive models, this small high-tech device can now simulate daylight, act as a bedside lamp and even recharge your smartphone.

It makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up.

Everything you need to know about a clock radio

As its name suggests, the clock radio allows you to wake up to the sound of an FM radio (or DAB for the most high-end models).

Sometimes complex to set up, the clock radio is nonetheless an essential piece of equipment for those who want to know the time to go to bed and wake up in order to organize their day.

What is a clock radio?

It has been a long time since the clock radio was satisfied with simply telling the time or playing a radio station.

Even entry-level models have additional functions, such as smartphone recharging, nature sounds or even variation in light intensity.

How to choose a clock radio?

To choose the best clock radio, it is important to know what functions you need in the evening when you go to bed and in the morning when you wake up.

Some will be content with basic functions, while others will need this little electrical device to help them fall asleep well and wake up calmly.

In any case, there is no point in choosing a clock radio with functions that you will not be using.

Why buy a clock radio?

Everyone likes to fall asleep or wake up differently.

Lovers of powerful alarm clocks to avoid pillow failure or, on the contrary, light sleepers who do not want sudden awakenings, everyone can set their clock radio according to their preferences.

In addition, the purchase of a new clock radio allows you to benefit from a manufacturer's warranty in the event of a malfunction.

The selection of the best clock radios of the moment

Sony XDR-C1DBP: a clock radio compatible with DAB / DAB + digital radios

Sony XDR-C1DBP clock radio - DR

In full deployment of DAB and DAB + (successor to the FM band), the Sony XDR-C1DBP makes it possible to capture these frequencies and will thus be able to last over time.

Very sober, this clock radio offers good quality sound.

If you don't like too strong light intensities, that of this clock radio can be configured.

Unfortunately, Sony quality comes at a cost and this clock radio is no exception.

The pros and cons of the Sony XDR-C1DBP clock radio:

Most :

  • Recognition of the radio in DAB and DAB +;

  • A clean and discreet design;

  • 4 brightness levels, including a total black screen;

  • Good quality sound.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Sony XDR-C1DBP model

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: a clock radio with a dictaphone function

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Clock Radio - DR

More than just a clock radio, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential combines the essential functions of this type of device with great connectivity.

Being able to be associated and controlled with the Google Assistant, this clock radio promotes falling asleep like a gentle awakening, in particular thanks to variable brightness.

Stereo sound allows comfortable listening to your favorite radio stations.

Only downside: a display in 12 hours and not in 24 hours, sometimes disappointing.

The pros and cons of the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential clock radio: 

The most


  • Compatible with the Google Assistant;

  • Variable and progressive brightness upon waking;

  • A dictaphone function;

  • High quality stereo sound.

The least


  • A time display in 12 hour format.

Get the Clock Essential model

I-box 79233PI / 18: a clock radio with also Bluetooth speaker and induction charger

Radio-alarm-I-box-79233PI-18.jpg - DR

The I-box 79233PI / 18 clock radio not only wakes you up, it also lets you listen to your music and charge your smartphone (by induction or via a USB port).

Very complete, this clock radio remains discreet and elegant.

The reproduced sound is of high quality, in particular thanks to a perfect subwoofer for bass.

Unfortunately, we can only deplore the charging noise of the Smartphone, sometimes disturbing for light sleepers.

The pros and cons of the I-box 79233PI / 18 clock radio: 

The most


  • Both bluetooth speaker, clock radio and induction charger;

  • 6 W stereo sound with subwoofer;

  • A display with 5 degrees of light intensity;

  • A double alarm function.

The least


  • A little noisy when charging a Smartphone.

Get the I-box 79233PI / 18

Sony ICFC1TB.CED: a clock radio with variable display intensity

Sony clock radio ICFC1TB.CED - DR

As usual, the SONY brand is easy to use and efficient with its ICFC1TB.CED clock radio.

Although in mono, the output radio sound is pleasant and smooth.

No more sudden awakenings thanks to a "buzzer" function with progressive volume.

With its adjustable display intensity and easy programming, this clock radio will become your companion for restful nights.

However, the tuning of radio stations with the dial seems to come from another time.

The pros and cons of the Sony ICFC1TB.CED clock radio:

The most


  • Simple and efficient ;

  • A very pleasant sound;

  • Adjustable display intensity;

  • A progressive volume buzzer.

The least


  • An antique station setting (dial).

Get Sony Model ICFC1TB.CED

BIGBEN INTERACTIVE RRVP01: a clock radio with a vintage design and a projector


The BIGBEN INTERACTIVE brand is renowned for the originality of its clock radios, starting with the BIGBEN INTERACTIVE RRVP01.

In a vintage bedside lamp design, this clock radio allows a personalized light projection on the ceiling thanks to 3 interchangeable plates.

With a wide FM band to capture all your favorite stations, we simply deplore the very (even too) discreet time display at the foot of this clock radio.

The pros and cons of the BIGBEN INTERACTIVE RRVP01 clock radio:

The most


  • A retro bedside lamp look;

  • A pleasant light projector function;

  • Pre-recorded relaxation sounds;

  • Time saving by batteries.

The least


  • A fairly small time display.

Get the model RRVP01

GRDE B08KGDB31W: a clock radio with a sleep aid program and nature sounds

Clock radio GRDE B08KGDB31W - DR

Very stylish, the GRDE B08KGDB31W clock radio finds its place on a bedside table as well as elsewhere in the house.

It has many functions to help you sleep and wake up, all accompanied by nature sounds.

Thanks to a retractable antenna, radio stations are more easily received.

Dawn and dusk simulator promotes sleep like a gentle wake-up call.

Only its tactile touch without indication can confuse the time to adapt.

The pros and cons of the GRDE B08KGDB31W clock radio:

The most


  • An original and discreet design;

  • Functions of sleep aid, dawn simulations and nature sounds;

  • A radio function optimized by a retractable antenna;

  • A convenient USB port.

The least


  • A bit complex to learn.

Get the GRDE B08KGDB31W model

CGV CR Aruna: an alarm clock with soundscapes and a "Black Night" program

Clock radio CGV CR Aruna - DR

Perfect for waking up gently, the CGV CR Aruna clock radio also allows you to sleep soundly and without glare thanks to a "Dark Night" function that completely turns off the display.

Made in France, this clock radio simulates dawn with the help of a progressive brightness that can be associated with sounds of nature (waves, birdsong, etc.).

However, it is difficult to configure and requires the use of the instructions for successful programming.

The pros and cons of the CGV CR Aruna clock radio:

The most


  • A dawn simulator with sounds of nature;

  • A “Black Night” program;

  • A convenient USB port;

  • Produced by a French company.

The least


  • A fairly complex setting.

Get the CGV CR Aruna model

Metronic 2001443870: a clock radio with dawn simulator

Metronic 2001443870 clock radio - DR

Very compact, the Metronic 2001443870 clock radio offers several additional functions.

About 10 minutes before the scheduled wake-up call, the device simulates a gradual sunrise to gently wake up.

It also has pre-recorded nature sounds to enhance relaxation.

This clock radio can be used as a bedside lamp and saves space.

However, its display is quite bright, even on the lowest intensity.

Pros and cons of the Metronic 2001443870 clock radio:

The most


  • A dawn simulation function;

  • Natural soundscapes;

  • A bedside lamp function;

  • Variable colors.

The least


  • A fairly high light intensity even at a minimum.

Get the model 2001443870

Aikove Wecker-01: a clock radio with time projection and mirror effect

Aikove Wecker-01 clock radio - DR

With its style apart, the Aikove Wecker-01 clock radio combines practicality and elegance.

The time appears on a mirror effect and can be adjusted in intensity.

A small button lets you project the time on the ceiling or on a wall.

Finally, this programmable FM clock radio also displays the temperature and humidity of the room.

Please note: this clock radio is supplied without a mains cable, one must be provided for its connection.

The pros and cons of the Aikove Wecker-01 clock radio:

The most


  • A convenient USB port;

  • An original mirror effect;

  • A time projection possible;

  • A display of temperature and humidity.

The least


  • A mains power supply not supplied.

Get the Aikove Wecker-01 model

MUSE m185cbl: a designer clock radio with double alarm

Clock radio MUSE m185cbl - DR

The MUSE m185cbl clock radio captivates with its design and simplicity.

Providing the ability to program your favorite radio stations, this clock radio takes up very little space and has adjustable brightness.

It has a snoozer function or allows you to be woken up by the radio.

Only downside: the quality of the sound in mono, less pleasant to listen to than sound in stereo.

The pros and cons of the MUSE m185cbl clock radio:

The most


  • A large display with adjustable light intensity;

  • 20 preset and programmable stations;

  • A sleep function;

  • Battery backup in the event of a power cut.

The least


  • Mono sound, not stereo.

Get the MUSE m185cbl model

From a simple basic function to several on-board technologies, the clock radio adapts to everyone's needs.

In order to choose the best clock radio, ask yourself the right questions and list the features you need to have.

This will allow you to avoid buying a clock radio with some functions that you would not need.

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