China News Service, Haikou, February 25 (Reporter Zhang Qianyi) The official website of the Boao Forum for Asia was released on the 25th. The 2021 Annual Conference of the Boao Forum for Asia is scheduled to be held in Boao, Hainan from April 18 to 21. The theme is "Great Changes in the World: Together Ensemble the Belt and Road Initiative to promote global governance."

  In the past year, an unprecedented new crown pneumonia epidemic has swept the world, the world economy has fallen into recession, international conflicts and disputes have increased, global challenges have become more prominent, and the world's great changes have accelerated.

Where is the world going after the epidemic?

How to turn crises into opportunities and improve global governance?

These contemporary issues facing the world urgently require the international community to think about and respond to them together.

As the region with the most dynamic economic growth in the world, Asia has still made significant progress in the integration process during the epidemic.

In the context of shrinking global trade in goods and services and hindering the flow of production factors, the "Belt and Road" cooperation has made up for the lack of interconnection among countries to a certain extent, promoted economic recovery and social development in Asia and adjacent regions, and improved global governance. Provides an "Asian perspective".

  In the above context, the Boao Forum for Asia extensively solicited opinions from various parties, and finally formed the theme of this year's annual meeting "The Great Changes in the World: Together in the Global Governance Grand Ensemble, the Belt and Road Initiative".

Under this theme, the 2021 annual meeting will set up six major topics, including "Interpreting China", "Grasping World Changes", "One Belt One Road Cooperation", "Embracing Industrial Change", "Dancing with New Technology" and " Shared development".

It is hoped that through in-depth discussions, we will build more consensus and inject more momentum into world development and global governance in the post-epidemic era.

  The 2021 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference will focus on offline meetings.

At the same time, taking into account the needs of epidemic prevention and control and the difficulty of international travel restrictions to be lifted in the short term, the annual meeting will also take part of the combination of online and offline forms to provide more convenience to the guests on the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention.