China News Service, February 25. According to US media reports, American golf star "Tiger" Woods suffered a leg injury in a car accident while driving alone on the 23rd local time.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said on the 24th that Woods will not be accused of reckless driving and the car accident will be considered an "accident."

On the morning of February 23, local time, American golf star Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a car accident in Los Angeles County.

  According to Fox News, Villanueva said that the accusation of reckless driving would take many factors into consideration, but this time it was purely an accident.

  He also said that when first responders arrived at the scene of the accident, they found no evidence that Woods was "injured by drugs or alcohol."

  On the morning of the 23rd local time, Woods was injured in a car accident near Los Angeles, California.

The 2021 Genesis SUV driven by Woods alone is the only vehicle involved.

He was then taken to the hospital and underwent surgery, and is currently recovering.

  Villanueva previously said that the speed of the vehicle involved was “much faster than under normal conditions” when the vehicle was going downhill; he also pointed out that the accident-prone section was the section where the incident occurred.

Villanueva said there were no signs of skidding or braking.

  According to reports, this is the third well-known traffic accident involving the 45-year-old Woods.

In 2009, Woods' car hit a tree and a fire hydrant.

Subsequently, news of his infidelity to the marriage gradually surfaced.

In 2017, Florida police found Woods sleeping on the steering wheel in a parked car.

Subsequently, Woods was arrested by the police for drunk driving.