China News Service, Toronto, February 25 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) The Canadian military announced late at night on February 24 that Art McDonald, who had been the Canadian Chief of Defense Staff for only 41 days, was under investigation for suspected "improper conduct" And resign.

  Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan said in a statement that the Canadian military investigation department has confirmed that it is investigating General MacDonald.

MacDonald has voluntarily resigned.

  Shi Jun said that he takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and will take "force" actions against them, "regardless of rank and position."

  The military did not disclose the specific allegations of misconduct that MacDonald was accused of.

The commander of the Canadian Army and Lieutenant General Wayne Eyre has been appointed as the acting chief of defense staff.

  MacDonald, the former commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, formally assumed the post of Chief of Defense Staff on January 14, becoming the country's highest military commander.

His predecessor, Jonathan Vance (Jonathan Vance) has served for 40 years and became the Chief of Defense Staff in 2015. He is the longest person in this position in Canada.

  But Vance had just retired and was recently accused of improper conduct towards two female subordinates.

Although he denied it, the military is now investigating it.

  The Governor of Canada is the country’s formal supreme commander of the armed forces, and the prime minister is the de facto supreme commander. The Minister of Defense, with the assistance of the Chief of Defense Staff, is responsible for the construction of the armed forces and leads the national forces.