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Eleven coffins were taken out of the sea below the cemetery of Camogli (Italy) on Tuesday, the day after a landslide.

The upper part of a cliff on which there were many graves has collapsed.

More than 200 coffins fell from 70 m before finishing their race on the shore or in the water, reports 

La Repubblica

 relayed by

Courrier International


Two chapels were also thrown into the sea during the landslide, which caused no casualties.

🇮🇹 Located on the heights, the cemetery of Camogli, in Liguria, collapsed this afternoon.

Hundreds of coffins rushed into the sea. Https://t.co/c8DHqWuVRQ

- Courrier inter (@courrierinter) February 22, 2021

The erosion of the cliffs surely involved

The scene took place under the eyes of witnesses, who immortalized the scene.

The footage, relayed by


, was filmed from the cemetery and down the cliff.

They show a large amount of debris littering the shore and floating on the surface.

In Italy, 200 coffins in the sea after the collapse of a cemetery near Genoahttps: //t.co/fHEfAOwnh6 pic.twitter.com/mm5w3XJYVQ

- BFMTV (@BFMTV) February 24, 2021

The operations to recover the remains carried out by the police and the firefighters will continue due to the fragility of the part of the cliff still standing.

Divers participate in the search.

Five bodies had been identified on Wednesday.

At the time of the landslide, workers were in the cemetery.

They were able to escape in time.

🇮🇹 [#Italy] About 200 coffins were found on rocks and in the sea after a landslide that ripped open the #Camogli cemetery near #Genoa.


- MediaFrance24 🌐 (@ MediaFrance24) February 23, 2021

The causes of the landslide are still unknown.

An investigation was launched.

The inhabitants of this town near Genoa usually explain that the cliff "changes skin" every hundred years.

The shape of the shore is indeed regularly modified by landslides, caused by the erosion of the cliffs of this Italian coast.

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