In the presence of Mohammed bin Rashid ... and within the work of the fifty-year retreat

Mohammed Al-Kuwaiti: Information protection is part of our national security

Mohammed bin Rashid attending the session.

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The fifty-year retreat held an interactive session in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, under the title “Preparedness for the Next Digital Pandemic”, presented by the Head of Cybersecurity for the Government of the UAE, Dr. Mohammed Al-Kuwaiti, and reviewed through it World trends and developments in the field of data protection for individuals and institutional entities, and mechanisms for developing an integrated national system for cybersecurity in the UAE.

Al-Kuwaiti stressed that establishing a culture of investment in cybersecurity and enhancing the confidence of members of society and government institutions to participate safely in the digital world is a priority within the directions of the UAE government during the next phase.

During the session, he stressed the qualification of national cadres specialized in all sectors, governmental, local and private, to lead the cybersecurity system, and ideally protect the state’s gains in various sectors, adding that “the UAE was built on solid foundations, through which it achieved qualitative achievements and a cultural legacy that made it Among the developed countries in the global competitiveness indicators in the field of cybersecurity, which requires constant follow-up and keeping up with best practices to preserve them.

Al-Kuwaiti said that cybersecurity takes an innovative approach in the UAE, consisting of different levels, to protect all national data and systems.

He added: “We are continuously developing policies and initiatives to protect the Emirati society and its institutions from any challenges and risks in cyberspace, and we seek to employ artificial intelligence during the coming period in effective defense to reduce the risk of cyber attacks,” stressing that “protecting information assets and security is part of our national security.”

The session reviewed the features of the national strategy for cybersecurity and its enhancement in all vital sectors during the coming period, working within a national team to enhance the proactive and integrated response against any threats or attacks and continuously assessing readiness in various sectors, in addition to setting national frameworks for the exchange, sharing and governance of information related to cybersecurity between Various entities and sectors, locally and internationally, in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities.

The Chief of Cybersecurity also addressed the most important challenges that affect cybersecurity in various countries of the world, including cybercrime, cyber terrorism, and digital wars, which are represented in several forms and aspects, including electronic extortion, technical breaches, financial fraud and other crimes committed via the Internet , And social networks.

Al-Kuwaiti explained that the UAE is one of the countries most prepared and ready to deal with any threats in cyberspace, due to its advanced infrastructure, and for its adoption of proactive visions and trends based on scientific and realistic foresight for the future, and an active participation in devising solutions to challenges, praising the vision of the country that represents a model And an inspiring success story for the countries of the region, in order to establish their position as the safest country in cyberspace.

He referred to the UAE's experience in facing the "Covid-19" pandemic, pointing out that it has demonstrated its ability to protect its gains by implementing standards for achieving electronic security, and ensuring the effectiveness of the security systems of communications networks and information systems of government agencies, which represents a link in the successes that it achieves. The state is taking it to transform the future.

Al-Kuwaiti stressed the importance of continuing to educate society and institutions to achieve the optimal use of cyberspace and its systems, in accordance with the principles of using the Internet, and the mechanisms for dealing with any potential threats or dangers, in addition to training and continuous evaluation to protect personal data and its safe exchange between local and federal authorities in the country, and to strengthen communication channels. Using a unified and secure technological infrastructure.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Kuwaiti:

- “The cybersecurity approach in the UAE consists of different levels of data protection and national systems.”

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