▲ Accident Tiger Woods vehicle

'Golf Emperor' Tiger Woods was reported to have been seriously injured on both legs in a car rollover accident on the 23rd (local time).

Police and fire departments in Los Angeles, California, USA, said at a briefing, the Associated Press reported.

Fire Commissioner Daryl Osby said that both of Woods' legs were severely injured.

Police said there was no evidence that Woods was driving a car with a driving disability regarding the cause of the accident.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Woods had been affected by drugs or found no other signs, such as the smell of alcohol.

Also, according to the police, the sports utility vehicle (SUV) Woods was driving overturned after hitting the median unit.

Police confirmed that the car in the car was a 2021 Genesis SUV

According to the police, the vehicle Woods was driving was rolled over the median several times and stopped on a slope about 9 meters from the road.

Police say they used tools such as an ax and chisel instead of the originally known vehicle cutter to rescue Woods through the windshield.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the airbags were activated and that the car's internal body was intact and the basic skeleton was maintained.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)