From Monday to Friday in Media Culture, Eva Roque gives you her TV tips for the evening.

Today, she invites you to rediscover from a new angle the career of Pelé, the Brazilian player considered by many to be the best player in the history of football.

Eva, you wanted to devote your zapping the next day to an event documentary?

Yes, and if you're loyal to Matthieu Belliard's morning show, you've obviously heard the chronicle of Virginie Phulpin, who shares my enthusiasm for a documentary dedicated to Pelé to see on Netflix.

With the participation of Pelé!

Almost two hours of football memories and more.

Because the history of this immense football player merges with that of Brazil.

I watched and listened to this movie.

Because Pelé's life is also a series of sounds like this ... The clamors of a stadium were his food on earth during this long career that began when he was only 13 years old and which ended in the United States in 1977.

On his jersey, 3 world champion stars including that of 1970. With the Brazilian team, he did not start as a favorite.

After the first match, he was once again the king of the world.

Pelé, the art of football, to the rhythm of a samba.

He won it, this world cup.

I'm not spoiling you.

And yet, in vain we know the end, we find ourselves vibrating, being afraid, trembling when we see the master Pelé rushing towards the opponent's goal.

He also trembled.

He tells of this stress that has never left him.

This emotion too intense on arrival at the stadium, before the final against Italy.

Thousands of supporters chanting his name and him, collapsing in tears in front of so many expressions of affection.

He recounts this moment in front of the cameras of two directors David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas.

And cry.

Of all the sounds that punctuate this remarkable documentary, there is one that comes back.

Pelé sits on these knees a wooden box and his fingers delicately patting the surface.

This box is that of Pelé kid, who to provide for the needs of the family, shined shoes in the street.

It's all that Pelé and much more.

Let yourself be carried away by this documentary, by Pelé's gaze, his words, his smile and his emotion.

Watch on Netflix.