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The TV cabinet attracts both for its ability to decorate your interior and for its practicality, allowing you to place your TV and the various connecting elements that go with it.

It comes in several forms: wall-mounted, columnar, suspended ... There is something for everyone.

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What size for my TV stand?

It is important to carefully assess the dimensions of your TV cabinet before making your choice.

These will be considered based on your space.

If you live in a small interior, prefer a column or suspended TV cabinet, in order to optimize the space.

On the other hand, if your apartment or house is bigger, the range of possibilities is vast.

What types of storage in a TV cabinet?

It all depends on your needs and what you plan to store in it.

Depending on these elements, you will need to plan a more or less large number of shelves to accommodate your TV receiver, DVD player, game console, etc. If it concerns smaller objects such as magazines or books, no need to provide too much storage.

Choose the location of your TV cabinet

Make sure that your TV cabinet is positioned facing a comfortable seat (armchair, sofa, bed, etc.) and that it can allow you to have good visibility of your screen.

Also be careful to provide circulation spaces so as not to be hampered by your furniture.

The best TV furniture of the moment 

1home GT4: the design TV cabinet

TV unit 1home GT4 - DR

This TV cabinet is very practical, because it is both light (and therefore easily transported) and solid, therefore durable over time.

You will also appreciate its elegant appearance: the surfaces are designed in glass and combine very well with the aluminum legs, giving the whole a design and contemporary aesthetic.

Its main advantage?

It can support up to 120 kg.

This will allow you to store a large number of items, in addition to your television.

Maintenance, meanwhile, is very easy with a simple wet cloth.

Finally, the 1home GT4 is spread over three levels: good organization in perspective.

The pros and cons of the 1home GT4 TV cabinet:

Most :

  • Elegant

  • Solid

  • Supports up to 120 kg

  • Three levels of storage

The lessers :

  • No casters

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1home WAV 1100: the TV cabinet for small spaces

TV cabinet 1home WAV 1100 - DR

Here is an ideal TV cabinet for contemporary decorations with its futuristic lines.

In addition, it does not take up much space and can therefore be integrated into small spaces, since it is equipped with an adjustable vertical wall bracket.

You will be able to adjust its orientation according to your needs, for better visibility.

Designed in tempered glass and thick metal, it is also prized for its robustness.

It also houses three shelves for your storage.

The pros and cons of the 1home WAV 1100 TV cabinet: 

Most :

  • Futuristic design

  • Adjustable vertical wall bracket

  • Solid

The lessers :

  • Slightly small shelves

  • Does not support large old fashioned TVs

Get the 1home WAV 1100 model

Finlandk Salon FINPCOT11P75F: the vintage TV cabinet in large format

Finlandk TV cabinet FINPCOT11P75F - DR

This TV cabinet will delight lovers of classic decor with its light colors and its slightly vintage look.

It has an upper shelf to have your TV set as well as shelves (two in addition to a large drawer) to put other decorative or functional objects.

It also has a flap to hide your storage if you wish.

Considering its dimensions, it is ideal if you have a large space.

Its little extra: it is made of wood, a very ecological material, adding a rustic touch to your interior.

The pros and cons of the Finlandk Salon FINPCOT11P75F TV cabinet:

Most :

  • Vintage and rustic look

  • Large storage spaces

  • Eco-friendly material

The lessers :

  • Quite bulky in case of small space

  • No casters

Get the Finlandk Salon model

Berlioz Création BANCO Noir: the TV cabinet with a very good price / quality ratio

Berlioz Creation BANCO TV cabinet Black - DR

Considering its contemporary appearance, one would expect a much higher price tag.

The Berlioz Création BANCO Noir adopts aesthetic decoration, a reasonable budget and all the necessary functions.

It has a TV bench, two shelves (two separate compartments on the first and two drawers on the second) and two hinged doors.

The storage will allow you to store your DVD player and receiver, for example.

Quite discreet, this piece of furniture blends in with any type of decor.

Its more?

It is very easy to assemble thanks to the instructions in the manual.


pros and cons of the Berlioz Création BANCO Noir

TV cabinet


Most :

  • Design

  • Functional storage

  • Easy assembly

The lessers :

  • It quickly collects dust

  • A little low

Get the Berlioz Création model

Maison 1505-320-87: the old-fashioned TV cabinet

TV unit Maison 1505-320-87 - DR

With its oak material, the Maisonnerie 1505-320-87 resolutely brings a very cocooning old-fashioned touch to your interior.

Its small niche can house a receiver, and it also has several very practical drawers.

Like the Berlioz Création BANCO Noir, it is very easy to assemble.

It will fit perfectly into an old house or a vintage apartment, for example.


pros and cons of the Maison

TV cabinet



  • Rustic look

  • Large number of storage

  • Easy to assemble

  • Made in europe

The lessers

  • Get dirty easily

  • One shelf

Get the model 1505-320-87

Hogar24: the "Scandinavian-style" TV cabinet

Hogar24 TV cabinet - DR

Its solid pine wood material brings a note both rustic and contemporary, for a very original rendering in your living room.

In terms of organization, it has a shelf and two folding doors, each housing a storage space.

In short, it can be used as a decorative object as well as a TV cabinet.

Users will also appreciate its ecological side, since it is produced entirely by hand with a sustainable material (100% natural solid pine wood).

Finally, it is easily assembled.

The pros and cons of the Hogar24 TV cabinet:

Most : 

  • Very original style

  • Ecological

  • Several storage spaces

  • Easy to assemble

The lessers :

  • Small table

Get the Hogar24 model

RFIVER TW1002: the 100% comfortable TV cabinet

TV unit RFIVER TW1002 - DR

The RFIVER TW1002 indeed offers great viewing comfort thanks to its swivel and height-adjustable support: you can swivel it up to 45 degrees to the right or left, and adjust its height on three levels.

It is also compatible with a wide variety of LCD televisions ranging from 35 to 65 inches.

Its little extra: you can hang it in height, to gain space and visibility.

Finally, it has three storage shelves designed in tempered glass and metal for a very pleasant contemporary touch.

Note that the top shelf can support up to 40 kg.

The pros and cons of the RFIVER TW1002 TV cabinet:

Most :

  • 45 degree swivel bracket

  • Adjustable on three levels

  • Very high compatibility

  • Three storage shelves

The lessers :

  • Installation instructions in English

Get the RFIVER TW1002 model

THEO Chêne Sonoma: the TV cabinet for large televisions

THEO Oak Sonoma TV cabinet - DR

The THEO Oak Sonoma is actually intended for large televisions up to 80 inches.

Its sober look fits into all types of decoration and it also houses 4 storage compartments: a real organizational bonus.

You will understand, it is more suitable for large spaces given its dimensions (180 x 48 x 39 cm).

It is also very robust to be able to support large models.

The pros and cons of THEO Oak Sonoma TV cabinet:

Most : 

  • Fits large TVs

  • 4 storage compartments

  • Robust

  • Good value for money

The lessers :

  • A little complex assembly instructions

Get the Sonoma Oak model

LUCIE LED White: the decorative TV cabinet

LUCIE LED TV cabinet White - DR

Users generally appreciate its modern design with clean lines with LED lighting located at the level of the two glass shelves (you will be able to choose the color via a remote control and thus modify the lighting according to your wishes).

A plus for decoration lovers.

The materials are also of high quality, mostly made in France, in medium density wood fiber.

A material that is also strong and durable.

Its added value?

The LUCIE LED White takes up little space (111 cm long, 42 cm wide and 44.5 cm high).

You can therefore place it in a bedroom as well as in your living room.

The pros and cons of the LUCIE LED White TV cabinet:

Most :

  • Very aesthetic

  • Durable and strong materials

  • LED lighting on the shelves

  • Compact size

The lessers :

  • Little storage space (two small shelves)

Get the LUCIE LED White model

VidaXL: the ergonomic TV cabinet

VidaXL TV cabinet - DR

This TV cabinet is acclaimed for its storage capacities: an upper front for your screen, a storage drawer and 5 additional compartments to store your DVDs, players, game consoles, internet box .... This is ideal for the organization of your interior.

You will also appreciate its very elegant appearance with its material designed in solid acacia wood: a more decorative and ecological.

The pros and cons of the VidaXL TV cabinet:

Most :

  • Many storage capacities

  • Very elegant design appearance

  • Ecological

The lessers :

  • The price

Get the VidaXL model

Now all you have to do is find your best TV stand.

Remember to evaluate the room in which you will welcome him for maximum comfort.

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