February 23, 2021Finger pointed at the FBI and other federal agencies that would not have provided correct information regarding what was being prepared in Washington regarding the attack on Congress on January 6 last.

To say it is the former head of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund, in the first hearing in the Senate.

In his speech, Sund, who resigned in the aftermath of the assault on Congress, defended his work by saying that there was a plan aimed at countering "the manifestation of opinion and possible small violent groups, on the basis of intelligence that we had been provided, but not a coordinated military-style assault on my agents and the taking of the Capitol. "

In short, no one had warned about such a violent attack.

And, he adds, that the Capitol Police "is not trained and equipped to repel, without military assistance or other forces, the insurrection of thousands of armed, violent individuals".

According to Sound, the FBI sent the document to the headquarters of the Capitol Police on January 5, which actually arrived in the hands of the leaders only on January 6, while the events unfolded.

Former House Security Officer Paul Irving also defended his work stating that "based on the intelligence we had, we all believed we had a plan that was adequate for threats: now we know that plan was wrong."