The entrance to the Pasteur 2 hospital of the CHU de Nice -


This accident could have had dramatic consequences.

While handling a small cylindrical object reminiscent of a flashlight found in the belongings of an injured person, a nurse at the Pasteur 2 hospital, east of Nice, was injured and injured a colleague: a gunshot started from what was actually a "pen gun".

The facts go back to Monday evening.

At around 8:30 p.m., a man was dropped off at the hospital, seriously injured by gunfire.

Two hours later, a nurse takes stock of her belongings and handles a cylindrical object resembling a pen or a flashlight.

Their days would not be in danger

She activates the ratchet of the weapon, a shot goes off, injuring her hands as well as another nurse in her line of fire.

According to a judicial source, the days of the two injured would not be in danger.

A third is said to be suffering from tinnitus.

These guns look like regular pens.

They are easily transportable and complicated to detect.

Two investigations were opened, one for attempted intentional homicide and another for breach of the law on weapons, and entrusted to the judicial police, said the Nice prosecutor's office.

In a letter to the director general of the CHU de Nice, the Force Ouvrière union called for an increase in the number of workers, a strengthening of measures for the arrival of patients and the immediate establishment of a psychological assistance unit for staff. emergencies.

FO emphasizes that the period is "anxiety-provoking" in the emergency room.


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