• Television Lydia Lozano, 60 years of the queen of the 'chuminero' dance

Lydia Lozano (60) has already been operated on for a cervical injury and is fine, although

the intervention has been complicated,

as revealed by

Save me

, because when the doctors went to intervene they found that "everything was much worse than what was expected ".

The collaborator of the Tele 5 program has entered this morning at 8 am accompanied by her husband, Charly.

The operation took longer than expected and lasted more than four hours.

"It was a



, it


much worse

than I expected," said the reporter from

Save me

Raúl Triguero when Lozano was still recovering from anesthesia.

Her program partner

Gema López

explained that Lydia's husband had told her that "The operation went well and

she is fine


It was Lydia herself who announced on the show that she had to undergo surgery for an emergency operation and that she was very scared.

Carlota Corredera

asked him: "Can we tell you what happens to you tomorrow, just in case people see you especially worried?"

The collaborator admitted that she was very stressed and shared: "

I have cervical surgery


The presenter pointed out that her partner is very apprehensive, so she was quite nervous about her imminent passage through the operating room.

Although she kept her smile, she confessed that she was not having a good time and that she

was very scared


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