Bremen (dpa / lni) - The red-green-red government coalition in Bremen is arguing over brothels, behind which the rocker group Hells Angels, which is banned in the state, is said to be.

According to information on Tuesday, the departments involved agreed on a break, during which the background of the companies should be illuminated.

This involves the application for a brothel to be set up near the train station and an existing brothel in Bremen's Neustadt district.

For this, the operators asked in advance whether a game hall could also be opened.

According to the interior department, the husband of a manager was part of the leadership of the Hells Angels in Bremen until the ban in 2013.

He now runs their branch in Delmenhorst in Lower Saxony.

The police count the rockers as organized crime.

"The moratorium gives the authorities involved time to collect all the facts in detail and to evaluate them again together," said Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD).

To do this, they will work with the police in Lower Saxony.

In the end, the permit for the brothel in the Neustadt could also be revoked.

Building Senator Maike Schaefer from the Greens also said that all possibilities of building and trade law should be used to counter organized crime.


The economic department of Kristina Vogt (Left Party) had argued that the police's information was not legally secure enough to reject the application for the new brothel.

According to Mäurer's announcement, however, the economic department has promised not to make any decisions during the review period.

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