The former Saudi Minister of Petroleum, Ahmed Zaki Yamani, died in the British capital, London, at the age of 90.

Yamani was dubbed the godfather of black gold in Saudi Arabia, due to his role in developing the oil industry in the Kingdom, as the late man occupied for nearly a quarter of a century the position of Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in Saudi Arabia between 1962 and 1986.

During this period, Yamani witnessed the decision to embargo the oil on the United States and the countries supporting Israel in the October War of 1973.

The late was also the first Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC, and he contributed to the development of a number of the organization's laws.

In 1975, the Carlos group, nicknamed the Fox, kidnapped Yamani, along with other oil ministers, during an OPEC meeting in Vienna.

The body of the deceased will be buried in the Al-Mualla Cemetery in Makkah.