Bank ID was hit by a malfunction at around 8 pm on Tuesday evening and was down for about an hour.

The payment service Swish also announced in its app that the ability to make Swish payments could be affected by the Bank ID problems.

Bank ID is also used, among other things, for identification with government websites and to carry out purchases at internet banks.

At 9 pm on Tuesday, Bank ID worked again.

Attack caused the error

The reason for the error was an overload attack.

Bank ID does not know who or what is behind the attack.

- We also do not know what the purpose may have been.

We go to law enforcement agencies when you are exposed to something like this, says Malin Wemnell to TT.

The result of the attack, a so-called ddos ​​attack, was that the service was completely down or was very slow between 19.45 and 20.15, states Bank-id.

Now the service should be up and running again.

- We took technical countermeasures and stopped the attack.

We have routines and processes for handling such attacks and our users can feel safe, says Wemnell.

She emphasizes that congestion attacks are a threat to all businesses that have a digital presence.

The company has not detected any other attack in connection with the ddos ​​attack.

The e-identification Bank-id has eight million users and is used, among other things, for identification with government websites, to make purchases at internet banks and for the payment service Swish.