After yesterday's decision in the culture and leisure committee, it is clear that almost SEK 700,000 in previously paid integration grants to five sports and cultural associations in Karlskrona is required back.

- We have had operations for the money, they are used.

We do not have a bank if the municipality suddenly changes, says Ivar Wenster, chairman of Panncentralen, who will be liable for repayment of SEK 260,000.

Folkets Hus-föreningen Panncentralen will conduct its own internal audit to review the project grants they have received.

Supported the application

For Karlskrona SOK, it is about 110,000 kronor that must be repaid.

SEK 60,000 of them is for projects that have not been completed.

The remaining SEK 50,000, on the other hand, has gone to non-profit working hours, something that was also included in the application according to the association chairman.

- We have already set aside the 60,000 for repayment because we have not used them.

But the remaining 50,000 we have received approval in our project plan, which is based on the fact that they read.

It is not an economic disaster, but it feels very sour, says Robert Hedman.

The pandemic stopped

Karlskrona IFK, Barn i Centrum and Föreningen Internationella Karlskrona will also be liable for repayment.

- We have not been able to carry out the activities that were intended and therefore it is natural that the money should be paid back.

The corona pandemic came between what we had planned to do, so the money is in the association, says Victor Conrad at the association Barn i centrum, which is forced to pay back its entire grant amount of SEK 30,000.

The associations have until March 12 to submit a supplementary report to the municipality.