British Prime Minister Johnson has announced plans to gradually ease the strict infection control measures for the new coronavirus, including restrictions on going out in England, where London is located, starting in early March.

In the United Kingdom, where strict measures such as going out restrictions continue due to the spread of mutant virus infection, more than 120,000 people have died so far, but the number of new infections per day is decreasing.

On the 22nd, Prime Minister Johnson announced in parliament a future mitigation plan in England, where London is located.

The plan consists of four stages. As the first stage, all schools will resume face-to-face lessons on March 8th, and on March 29th, restrictions on going out will be relaxed, and up to 6 people will be outdoors. You will be able to spend time.

In the second stage, retail stores and beauty salons will be reopened as early as April 12, and pubs and restaurants will be open for outdoor seating.

After that, we plan to gradually lift the remaining regulations until June.

On the other hand, travel abroad is, in principle, banned until the end of the second phase.

The government will consider whether to move to the next stage based on data such as the effectiveness of vaccination, the status of infection, and the status of mutant viruses.

"The plan should be prudent and irreversible. I believe it is a one-way street for freedom," Johnson emphasized.

In addition, regarding the vaccine developed by Pfizer and others, which has been vaccinated since December last year, according to the data so far, the number of hospitalized patients and deaths will decrease by at least 75% in those who have been vaccinated once compared to those who have not been vaccinated. In addition to the analysis, vaccines such as AstraZeneca, which have been inoculated since January, are said to have obtained good results even though the data are in the early stages.