“Poland and Ukraine criticized the Nord Stream 2 project most of all, expressed confidence that it would not be completed ... Unfortunately, Ukraine did not show itself to be a reliable transit country, and in Poland for the last ten years there has been some kind of anti-Russian hysteria.

And the fact that Germany declares the need for Nord Stream 2 suggests that the leaders of Western Europe clearly separate politics and business, but the so-called Young Europeans have not yet learned this, ”Balbeck said.

The MP added that the construction is proceeding "in spite of the threats of the United States and its most loyal allies."

“I don’t think that someone’s letters to Biden will somehow affect the completion date.

Russia will fulfill all the agreements it has signed.

We have shown ourselves to be a reliable partner both in big business and in politics, ”the parliamentarian concluded.

Earlier, the foreign ministers of Poland and Ukraine wrote an appeal to the American president with a request to "use all means" in order to prevent the completion of the Nord Stream 2 project.

They noted that Russia "has used one of the most powerful weapons - its neighbors' dependence on energy supplies, especially natural gas."