Halle (dpa / sa) - Material as a research project is now available at the Burg Giebichenstein Art College in Halle.

At its core, the “BurgMaterial” project is about researching a collection of around 700 objects that has been at the facility since 2015.

The Halle collection is part of a network that also includes nine Swiss art and technical schools.

In addition to test tube tubes with soil samples, pieces of brown coal, salt and chocolate chunks and cinder blocks, there is also fish leather made from salmon skin, cork oak and very soft fur from the rabbit breed Orylag.

“In addition, there is the area of ​​intelligent materials, which deform when heated, for example, and then have completely different properties,” said project manager and professor for didactics of the fine arts, Sara Burkhardt.

The state will support the project with around 300,000 euros over the next three years.

The pieces come from students, university professors and companies that have been requested.

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Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy