• Coronavirus: 13,452 new cases with 250,986 swabs and 232 victims

  • Coronavirus, world: 500 thousand deaths in the US, more than the World Wars and Vietnam

  • Government, CDM: ok to the Covid decree: ban on travel between regions extended


February 22, 2021 All updated data in Italy and in the world

According to the latest update of the data of the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours there have been 9,630 new cases with 170,672 swabs and 274 victims.

Yesterday there were 13,452 cases with 250,986 swabs (rate at 5.4%) and 232 victims.

In Emilia-Romagna 1,847 cases and 23 deaths

In Emilia Romagna since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, 247,856 positive cases have been recorded, 1,847 more than yesterday, out of a total of 12,312 swabs performed in the last 24 hours.

There are 23 new deaths which bring the total, since the beginning of the epidemic, to 10,368.

In Campania 1,202 cases

There are 1,202 new cases of contagion from covid-19 recorded today in Campania on 11,097 swabs, 1,169 antigenic ones, carried out.

The Crisis Unit of the Campania Region reported this in the ordinary bulletin where the new positives are divided as follows: 1,045 asymptomatic and 75 symptomatic.

The report also reports 21 deaths, of which only 12 are attributable to the last 48 hours, and 1,223 recovered.

The situation in Campania therefore appears to be the following: the total of positives touches 254,318 (of which 4,163 antigenic), that of tampons 2,805,856 (of which 83,113 antigenic).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 4,141 have died while the people healed amount to 178,925.

In terms of beds, this is the situation on a regional basis: 656 available in intensive care, 125 employed. Inpatient beds available, including covid and private offer, 3,160, occupied 1,319.

In Tuscany 911 new cases and 16 deaths

In Tuscany there are 149,732 cases of Coronavirus positivity, 911 more than yesterday (881 confirmed with molecular swab and 30 by rapid antigen test).

The healed are 130,383.

Today, 9,094 molecular swabs and 1,739 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 8.4% were positive.

On the other hand, 6,363 subjects were tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular buffer, excluding control swabs), of which 14.3% were positive.

The currently positive are 14,787 today, + 4% compared to yesterday.

There are 952 hospitalized (61 more than yesterday), of which 155 in intensive care (8 more).

Today there are 16 new deaths: 8 men and 8 women with an average age of 84.5 years.

Veneto, 509 positives and 9 deaths

The curve of new Covid infections in Veneto returns to fall, registering 509 positives for the virus in the last 24 hours.

The number of deaths is still lower, 9 compared to 11 yesterday.

The regional bulletin reports.

The total number of infected since the beginning of the epidemic in Veneto rises to 327,016, that of victims to 9,721.

The clinical situation remains stable, with 1,209 hospitalized in the ordinary wards of hospitals (same figure as yesterday), while in intensive care there are 136 patients (+1 compared to yesterday).

In Abruzzo 351 new cases and 8 deaths

There are a total of 51442 positive cases of Covid 19 registered in Abruzzo since the beginning of the emergency.

Compared to yesterday there are 351 new cases.

The death toll of patients registers 8 new cases and rises to 1628. Of today's total, 5 cases refer to deaths that occurred in the past few days and reported only today by the ASL.

The number of positive cases also includes 36842 discharged / healed (+293 compared to yesterday).

The currently positives in Abruzzo are 12972 (+48 compared to yesterday).

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency, a total of 712563 molecular swabs have been performed (+2573 compared to yesterday) and 221030 antigen tests (+12195 compared to yesterday).

593 patients (+7 compared to yesterday) are hospitalized in non-intensive care;

76 (unchanged compared to yesterday with 2 new hospitalizations) in intensive care, while the other 12,304 (+42 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation with active surveillance by the ASL.

Puglia, 17 deaths and 343 new cases

There have been 17 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Puglia and out of 4,161 tests for Covid-19 infection, 343 positive cases were recorded (with an incidence of 8.2% , while yesterday it was 10.7%).

Since the beginning of the emergency, 1,499,147 tests have been carried out;

104,325 are cured patients and 32,695 are currently positive cases.

The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia is 140,802.

South Tyrol, 183 cases and 13 deaths

In South Tyrol the

death toll

was heavy yesterday, as many as 13, for a total number of deaths linked to the coronavirus approaching 1000 (993).

In the last 24 hours in the province of Bolzano, in a hard lockdown for two weeks and which should end on February 28, the new cases have been 183 out of 7,232 swabs processed.

The new positivities are 119 out of 1,135 swabs examined and 64 out of 6,097 antigen tests.

Out of 194,278 people who underwent molecular swab, 41,813 tested positive for the coronavirus and 28,795 were cured.

Out of 728,148 antigen tests carried out, 21,560 people tested positive.

The pressure on hospitals remains strong: 259 covid patients are hospitalized in normal wards, 39 those in need of intensive care and 163 those hospitalized in affiliated private facilities. 

In Calabria 118 new cases and one death

"In Calabria to date, 537,967 subjects have been subjected to tests for a total of 569,685 swabs performed. The people tested positive for coronavirus are 36,704 (+118 compared to yesterday), negative ones 501,263" .

This was announced by the Calabria Region in the daily bulletin of coronavirus data: since the beginning of the emergency there are 667 deaths (+1 compared to yesterday), the healed are 29,695 (+142 compared to yesterday).

In Friuli Venezia Giulia 114 cases and 11 deaths

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia 114 new infections have been detected out of 1735 molecular swabs with a positive percentage of 6.57%.

Furthermore, 1122 rapid antigenic tests have been carried out, from which 31 cases (2.76%) were detected.

There are 11 registered deaths;

admissions to intensive care units drop to 56 while those in other departments remain stable (350).

This was announced by the deputy governor with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi.

The overall deaths amounted to 2,775.

The totally healed are 60,153, the clinically healed 1,889, while those in isolation today are 8,885.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a total of 74,108 people have been positive.

In Sardinia 77 new cases and 5 deaths

In Sardinia since the beginning of the emergency, 40,765 cases of positive Covid-19 have been ascertained overall.

In the latest update of the Regional Crisis Unit, 77 new cases were detected.

In total, 744,236 swabs were performed, for an overall increase of 25,403 tests compared to the previous figure.

There are 5 deaths (1,118 in all).

On the other hand, 264 patients are currently hospitalized in non-intensive wards (-11), while 27 (+1) patients are in intensive care.

There are 12,871 people in home isolation.

The healed are a total of 26,252 (+116), while the people declared clinically cured on the island are currently 233.

Basilicata, 41 cases and 3 deaths

There are 41 new positive cases of Sars Cov2, of which 40 concerning residents, out of a total of 391 molecular swabs registered yesterday in Basilicata.

This was announced by the regional task force with the usual bulletin.

Three people have died in the past 24 hours.

26 Lucanians recovered. Updating the overall data, the currently positive Lucanians rise to 3,372 (+11), of which 3,288 in home isolation, while 10,742 people residing in Basilicata recovered from the beginning of the health emergency and 356 died. .

The people currently hospitalized in Lucanian hospitals are 84. Since the beginning of the health emergency, 231,171 molecular swabs have been analyzed, of which 213,961 were negative, and 141,395 people were tested.

On the vaccination front, administration to people aged 80 and over has begun in Basilicata today.