European countries that are already receiving the corona vaccine are carefully lifting the blockade.

Although there are still a lot of confirmed cases, it is because the situation is improving, and in the UK, they have announced that they will remove all distances by June.

This news is from Kang Cheong-wan.

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UK government, which began vaccinating against Corona 19 for the first time in the world, announced plans to lift all containment measures by June in four stages.

Although the number of new confirmed cases a day is still in the 10,000 range, compared to the beginning of the year, which reached 70,000, the effect of vaccination is clearly showing.

[Boris Johnson/British Prime Minister: Vaccines are reducing the risk of COVID-19 and saving our lives.

It is also allowing people to get out of the hospital.]

Other countries in Europe, such as Germany and Israel, which have been in a hurry to vaccination, are in the mood to gradually release the corona 19 blockade.

Most elementary schools and kindergartens in Germany, which were closed at the end of last year, opened in less than two months.

In Israel, where the vaccination rate is 50%, the number of new confirmed cases from 10,000 per day in the middle of last month fell to 3,000, a third.

All commercial facilities such as shopping malls have been opened, and vaccinations and voice checkers are allowed to attend health clubs, swimming pools, hotels and events.

In Scotland, the effectiveness of vaccination is increasingly evident around the world, with studies reporting that the risk of hospitalization has decreased by as much as 94% four weeks after vaccination.