Kiel (dpa / lno) - About 370 parking spaces for trucks are missing on the motorways in Schleswig-Holstein.

As the Ministry of Transport in Kiel announced at the request of the German Press Agency, 450 more parking spaces are currently and in the medium term planned.

This could compensate for the deficit of 400 places expected for 2030 by then.

The concept agreed between the state and the Federal Ministry of Transport was handed over to the federal autobahn GmbH at the end of 2020.

This is now responsible for the implementation.

There are bottlenecks particularly on the A1 (Hamburg-Heiligenhafen) and the A24 (Hamburg towards Berlin).

The lack of parking space is a problem nationwide: from 2008 to 2018 the number had increased by 31 percent from 53,900 to 70,800.

But truck traffic grew even faster.

In 2018, 94,100 trucks were parked daily at night on the motorways, 38 percent more than ten years earlier.

If trucks are forced to stand on hard lanes on the entry and exit of parking lots, this can be dangerous.

Schleswig-Holstein's Transport Minister Bernd Buchholz (FDP) suggested last year to the Logistics Association to switch a central internet platform or an app in order to be able to offer parking spaces that are currently not used on depots, for example by freight forwarders, in addition to the motorway parking spaces.

According to the ministry, the association wanted to survey its member companies.

A result is not yet known.


On behalf of the state, the federal planning company Deges has planned a truck parking guidance system on the A7 between Bordesholm and the Hamburg state border.

It should record the parking occupancy at the rest areas and report free capacities to a “mobility data marketplace”.

Drivers can then, for example, call up the information via an app and drive to a rest area with free spaces.

The tender is currently being prepared for five rest stops in each direction, it said.

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