In Singapore, a woman in her twenties jumps into a burning car to save her lover, gets burned to her body, and is in serious condition.

According to the Singapore Daily Straits Times and the British Independent on the 22nd (local time), on the 13th at 5:41 am, Tanjongpa, a downtown area in Singapore, lost its center while running at high speed on the road in Tanjongpa, a downtown area in Singapore, crashing into a commercial building.

After that, the car's back flashed for about 15 seconds, then exploded and caught in flames.

About 20 seconds later, the Straits Times reported that a woman quickly ran towards a fired car and jumped into a car in flames, based on a video obtained by The Straits Times.

Later, the woman was taken to a hospital, but she suffered an 80-degree burn, and all five men in their twenties in the car died.

The woman turned out to be Ravio Oh, 26, who was previously a stewardess and singer.

The Straits Times reported that Mr. Oh jumped into a burning car to save his lover and friends in the BMW.

A friend of Mr. Oh told the press, "She was injured trying to open the (car's) door," and "She tried to save her lover."

The media reported as the main news, saying, "Oh's actions were love."

It is known that Mr. Oh was at a restaurant across the street from the accident site and ran toward the car.

The man Oh tried to save his life was Jo No-sun Long, 29, a fiance who worked in the financial industry.

In an interview with the local media, Mr. Long's father said, "It was like a daughter to me," and said that his son and Mr. Oh were planning to marry soon.

(Photo = Facebook Capture, Yonhap News)