EH Bildu has communicated the goodbye of Miren Larrion,

the spokesperson for the sovereignist coalition in the City of Vitoria after learning of the existence of a police investigation into "personal events".

The unexpected departure of Larrion occurs without it being clear that

"personal events"

for which Larrion is being investigated but that they would

violate "the ethical code

that both public and organic positions of leftist sovereignty subscribe in its entirety."

EH Bildu's code of ethics incorporates


as one of its political commitments

when one of its representatives is "investigated, indicted or convicted"

for a series of crimes.

Larrion has not made any public explanation of his goodbye


The application of this

political commitment is the key

, according to sources close to the nationalist left, of Miren Larrion's sudden departure from politics.

The management of EH Bildu would have been aware of the existence of a police investigation and has reacted by demanding Larrion's resignation but without clarifying the facts for which she is being investigated.

The Abertzale coalition also has an ethical code with its

own mechanisms for controlling the public allocations received by its representatives

with salary limits linked to the Minimum Interprofessional Salary.

Commitment 5 of the code of ethics expressly states that its representatives

"will immediately cease from their public positions"

when they are "investigated, prosecuted or convicted" for crimes related to corruption, prevarication for profit, influence peddling, unjust enrichment with public or private resources, embezzlement and appropriation of public funds, bribery, racism, xenophobia, homophobia or gender violence. "According to this commitment, the position that ceases



be temporarily suspended from militancy

, a circumstance that has not been clarified shortly. press release made public by EH Bildu.

Miren Larrion participated yesterday in the act of homage to

Fernando Buesa

at the Europa Palace and

today he went alone to the floral offering

in memory of the socialist politician and his escort

Jorge Díez


Larrion arrived a few minutes after the scheduled time in a gesture that, hours later, has been interpreted as his desire to keep his commitments on a very complicated day.

Larrion, an

engineer by profession and with a broad teaching curriculum

, promoted the electoral recovery of EH Bildu in Álava and facilitated in 2015 that

Gorka Urtaran

was elected mayor despite the comfortable victory at the polls of the popular Javier Maroto.

Miren Larrion Ruiz de Gauna (Legazpi, 1969) has a

doctorate in Industrial Engineering and a professor at the UPV


Her political baptism took place in 2015 when she became head of the list for the Vitoria City Council and managed to be the second candidate with the most support behind Maroto and ahead of Urtaran.

Larrion agreed to facilitate the Mayor of Urtaran after the pact reached by

Andoni Ortuzar with Hasier Arraiz

, then Bildu coordinator.

Very soon Larrion began to notice that Urtaran was seeking the support of the PSE-EE.

The good result of 2015 and his

moderate and close profile

made him an interesting political capital for the management of EH Bildu.

Larrion, along with Maddalen Iriarte and Jasone Agirre, were the three heads of the list in the 2016 regional elections with which

the Abertzale left blanked their candidacies

with their spokesperson in Vitoria and the two journalists from the EiTB group.


shone in the electoral debate televised

by the public network and, as a candidate for Lehendakari, she took an unexpected political leap.

The spokeswoman in Vitoria made

her functions at the City Council compatible with her status as a parliamentarian


But his political career began to darken as of June 2017 when

Arnaldo Otegi was appointed general coordinator of EH Bildu

, blocking the internal path that sought to distance the coalition from the control of the nationalist left and its Sortu political brand.

Larrion, already limited in his public projection to the municipal level, accentuated his opposition profile against Urtaran at the end of 2016 when he announced his

refusal to support the nationalist mayor's budgets


The PNV counterattacked with a motion of confidence that left Larrion "touched" by the

lukewarm support offered by his coalition


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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