China News Service, February 21. According to the New York Post, a Belgian photographer caught a "unseen" yellow penguin in Antarctica.

Penguin eyes and some feathers are yellow, and some feathers are white.

Analysis pointed out that this penguin is actually an "albino" penguin, so its external appearance is white, golden white or light golden.

The picture shows a screenshot of the New York Post report

  Wildlife photographer Yves Adams said in an interview that in December 2019, he photographed the yellow penguin when he was photographing the emperor penguin on South Georgia Island in the Atlantic Ocean.

He said that the yellow penguin was not far from them at the time, otherwise they might miss this shot.

  In Adams's lens, the yellow penguin was slapped with its forelimbs in the water with its belly facing down, and the scene of it swaying with its kind.

Adams said that this is an "albino" penguin whose cells no longer produce melanin, so its black feathers have turned yellow and cream.

  Although the phenomenon of "Albino" is rare, it is widespread in various groups of vertebrates.

"Albino" is usually caused by genetic mutations in individual animals, which hinder the synthesis of pigments in animals, and appear white, golden white or light golden in appearance.

The pure "albinism" mutation does not necessarily affect the survival of individual animals.

  The British "Independent" pointed out that scientists suspect that this phenomenon represents the discovery of a new feather pigment.

In 2012, people found a white penguin in the chinstrap penguin colony in Antarctica.

Its condition is believed to be due to genetic mutations that dilute the pigment in penguin feathers.