• Politics.Núñez Feijóo meets with Pablo Casado in Genoa and criticizes the change of headquarters

  • PP.Casado announces that the PP will leave Genoa "as soon as possible": "We must not continue in an investigated headquarters"

  • Catalonia: PP barons blame Pablo Casado for the result and consider asking for resignations in Genoa

"Maintain temperance, but also the forcefulness of our principles."

That is Alberto Núñez Feijóo's recipe to "consolidate" the PP "as the great alternative reference to socialism, independence and populism."

To straighten the course after several electoral disappointments, especially the most recent one, in Catalonia, the PP not only did not scratch any of the 30 seats that Ciudadanos lost, but also lost one and was left with three deputies, the worst result in its history. After a

threat, on Wednesday, and new messages on Thursday, the explicit irruption of Núñez Feijóo in the internal debate of the PP resounded this Friday with force.

For example, he dispatched the


Genoa, 13, like this: "You don't deny the past, you learn." And he launched a deep charge: "A politician who does not win elections in the end is going to be relieved by another comrade, it has always been that way."

"It happens to anyone, including me," he concluded, to make it clear that it has not happened to him, precisely. The sector of the party that considers itself moderate received the messages from Núñez Feijóo as a target .

"We are going to wait. The announcement of the headquarters has prevented people from talking about dismissing the secretary general or not, or about Casado's mistakes. But that is in the short term," says one of the main territorial leaders. "In the medium term the shame cannot be covered, "adds another prominent regional position.

"The headquarters is not what worries us the most," emphasizes a


, for whom the important thing is that the national PP once again have a "defined and recognizable course".

Andalusia and Castile and León

In addition to


, the other two autonomous organizations of the PP dissatisfied with the abrupt break with the past that the Genoa march supposes are



Castile and Leon


Sources from both regional governments dissociate themselves from this national decision and ask the national leadership to give them room to agree on the renewal of provincial positions in both communities.

Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla

and of

Alfonso Fernandez Manueco

it is that the names to lead the provincial party structures "are imposed as if they were electoral lists, when they are not."

Singularly in emblematic places such as Seville or Salamanca In this context, certainly rarefied,

Pablo Casado

met this Friday with Núñez Feijóo at the party's national headquarters.

This was confirmed by sources in Genoa, where they do not give details of what was spoken, but they discount that one of the issues on the table was the surprising announcement of the change of venue. Sources in Genoa frame the meeting within the usual contacts between the two.

"Casado talks to Feijóo quite often, and whenever he comes to Madrid they meet; the strange thing would be if they didn't."

And they always do it in secret, but this time it has transpired.

Reproaches to the change of venue

It happens that, hours before, in an interview in

the Cope

Feijóo had clearly and harshly criticized the decision to leave Genoa, 13: "If every time there is a problem we change headquarters, there is no headquarters of any party in Spain that deserves to remain so." The PP national spokesman,

José Luis Martínez-Almeida

, recognized that the farewell to Genoa also has economic reasons, to save costs.

In 2019 -the latest official data-, the PP had a debt of 38 million euros. Be that as it may, the change of headquarters is the first step towards the re-founding of the party, but for the


Galician "it would be necessary to specify the content and scope of that," said Feijóo. After Casado assured Tuesday that they will not give new explanations about the corruption of the past, the Galician leader said that he disagrees, because the PP is not hiding nor does he hesitate "with rugged issues" in his history. The president of the Xunta believes that Casado's responsibility is to consolidate the PP as "a great reference and only alternative to socialism, populism and independence."

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