Russia: heavy day in court for Alexeï Navalny

Moscow: Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny appears in two cases this Saturday, February 20.

In the first (on appeal), he was sentenced to spend two years and 5 months in a penal colony.


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Russian justice confirmed this morning on appeal the conviction of Alexei Navalny to prison.

The opponent will therefore spend two years and 5 months in a penal colony despite the call for his immediate release launched by the European Court of Human Rights.


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with our correspondent in Moscow,

Jean-Didier Revoin

The audience turned to a dialogue of the deaf.

Alexeï Navalny and his lawyers have once again made their arguments.

They re-explained that Alexeï Navalny had been poisoned, transferred to Germany for treatment, that he had indicated to the prison services that he was continuing his convalescence there.

In short, so many elements that have served no purpose.

The justice also ignored the decision of the European Court of Human Rights and confirmed the prison sentence of Alexeï Navalny.

In its "leniency" however, the court took into account the time that the opponent had already spent in prison.

Alexeï will therefore spend two years and five months in a penal colony instead of the two years and eight months to which he was

sentenced at first instance in early February


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Alexei Navalny seems more determined than ever

The opponent doesn't seem in the least bit intimidated by the prospect of going to jail.

Throughout the audience, he launched long diatribes against the authorities.


Our country is built on injustice and we face it constantly.

Tens of millions of people want the truth and sooner or later they will be satisfied,

 ”he said, even proposing a new slogan:“ 

Happy are those who hunger and thirst for justice for they will be satisfied 


And then, as if each day his sentence was not enough, Alexeï Navalny appeared that same Saturday before the same court for having defamed a veteran of the Second World War.

This time he risks a fine of just over 10,000 euros.

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