The firefighters are working to try to control the

forest fire that since this Saturday morning

affects a large area of ​​scrub land in the



of Bera and Lesaka and in French territory

and that has already penetrated Guipúzcoa through the Endarlatza area .

The dimensions of the fire have caused in Navarra the

activation of Level 2 of the Emergency Plan

and the intervention of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), the Regional Government has reported.

This afternoon the Navarra Emergency Advisory Committee held a meeting to monitor and analyze the fire in which the president of Navarra, María Chivite, and the vice president and counselor of the Presidency, Equality, Public Function and the Interior, Javier Remírez, have participated electronically .

SOS Navarra was alerted at around 10:30 a.m. that a



broken out at the exit from Bera

to Endarlatsa, in the Villanueva regatta, which has spread very quickly, pushed by winds from the southeast with gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

Subsequently, the fire has crossed the Bidasoa river and the N-121-A and has advanced with a second front through the Lesaka term towards the border with Guipúzcoa.

The force of the wind

prevents the flight of the air resources of the Government of Navarra

and neither have been able to intervene those mobilized by the Ministry at the request of the Regional Community, who have had to return to the Torrejón base, in Madrid, when they were at 13 kilometers from your destination due to the risk posed by turbulence.

Extinguishing work on the ground is hampered by the rugged terrain and the difficulties of access to the fire fronts.

In a preventive way, Ibardin sales have been evicted

as well as some hamlets and huts in the area

, places that for the moment have not been reached by the flames.

It has not been necessary to evacuate any house in Bera or its neighborhoods as there is no danger of their being affected.

Neither have calls been received on

telephone 112 from people who required help

due to the fire.

President Chivite has conveyed her gratitude and support to the members of the organization that participates in the extinction work and has insisted that the priority should be to ensure the integrity of the people, while offering all the Government's means of Navarra that may be required to tackle the emergency.

At about 2:15 p.m., and in view of the evolution of the incident, Level 2 of the Emergency Plan has been activated as the fire cannot be extinguished exclusively with the means of the Foral Community and there is a potential risk for the population, At the same time, the action of the UME has been requested, which had planned to arrive in the area from Zaragoza around 6:30 p.m.

In Navarra, there are firefighters from the Oronoz and Cordovilla parks, volunteer firefighters from Bera and Lesaka, forest firefighters and staff from the Forest Guard.


Forward Command Post, an SVB ambulance and Red Cross volunteers

have been transferred

to supply and support the firefighters.

Foral Police and Civil Guard patrols order traffic on the N-121-A road, which has been accessed by a large number of trucks despite being cut off to heavy traffic in Sunbilla and Arre from 12:00 hours to facilitate the transit of emergency services vehicles.


1,000 trucks that had accessed by



are being evacuated.

No significant meteorological changes are expected throughout the night, although a decrease in the intensity of the wind is announced during the morning of Sunday that could make it possible for the aerial means to

join the extinction tasks

, which will continue throughout the night.

One of the volunteer firefighters who is in the place has commented to Efe that in the area of ​​Bera the fire is "quite controlled", although it is still very windy in the area.

Stayed in a hotel

This firefighter has considered that

"it will be difficult" to quell the flames today,

since, although they could be controlled in Bera, it will not be possible to do so in the nearby town of Lesaka, where the situation "is very complicated", on all in the part of the border with France.

In Guipúzcoa, members of the Irun, Zarautz and Legazpia fire stations are working in the vicinity of Mount San Marcial to extinguish the fire.

As reported by fire brigade sources to Efe, the flames

have already entered Gipuzkoan territory

, where they have burned several kilometers of "lowland", coming from the Endarlatza area.

Thirteen vehicles from the fire stations of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council have moved to the site with about twenty troops trying to smother the flames.

Previously, the inhabitants of the nearby villages had been warned to vacate their homes, in anticipation that the flames could reach the area, the Basque Department of Security has indicated.

The mayor of Irun, José Antonio Santano, has indicated in statements to Radio Euskadi that five of these people have been temporarily housed in a hotel, while

the rest are hosted by relatives


Santano has also revealed that the fire has affected the Endarlatza electrical substation.

The President of the Government,

Pedro Sánche

z, has launched this Saturday through Twitter a message of "affection" to the families evacuated by the fire in Bera (Navarra) and "strength" for the emergency services, "whose work is difficult by the wind. "

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