, Nanjing, February 19 (Reporter Shen Ran) On the 18th, the reporter was informed that the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government General Office recently published the "Implementation Opinions of the Municipal Government Office on Further Promoting the Settlement of Non-registered Population in the City" (hereinafter referred to as The “Implementation Opinions”) further relaxed the conditions for settlement in the city. For the four urban areas around the city, holders of residence permits only need to pay more than 6 months of social security to settle down, and there are no longer age and education restrictions; rural college students" Come and go freely"; the residence and social security payment years in Jiangsu Province can be mutually recognized cumulatively, and the cumulative mutual recognition of urban agglomerations in the Yangtze River Delta will be explored.

  In recent years, Nanjing has continuously adopted various preferential measures and the "Ning Ju Plan" to liberalize residence restrictions for college students and college students.

For example, in April 2020, Nanjing issued the "Ten Measures to Support and Promote the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates in Nanjing", which stipulates that "people with a college degree under the age of 40 can settle down after participating in insurance for half a year in Nanjing."

  The "Implementation Opinions" issued this time go further. There are no longer age and education restrictions. "The restrictions on settlement in the urban areas of Pukou, Liuhe, Lishui, and Gaochun are fully relaxed. Those who have social insurance for more than 6 months can apply for settlement."

  At the same time, Nanjing has also opened the door to settlement for the entire Jiangsu Province and even the entire Yangtze River Delta city group. According to the "Implementation Opinions", Nanjing should "realize mutual recognition of residence and social security payment years when the points settled with Suzhou. In (Jiangsu) The residence and social security payment years of other cities in the province will be included in the city’s cumulative recognition when applying for settlement. Explore the implementation of mutual recognition of household registration access years with cities outside the province in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration."

  The reporter noted that the "Implementation Opinions" also clearly requires that the settlement of ordinary workers who have long-term legal and stable employment and legal and stable residences in cities should be resolved.

We will also improve and improve supporting policies such as the “linking of people, land and money”, continue to implement the incentive mechanism for the citizenization of agricultural migrants, and in accordance with the principle of linking people to land, in the land use plan distribution plan of the year, each district will absorb non-registered people in the previous year. Quantity as an important allocation consideration, rationally arrange new construction land plan indicators in cities and towns to ensure the rational use of land for urban housing, education, medical care, elderly care and other livelihood projects and infrastructure projects of the agricultural migrant population.