• The future of the party The PP recognizes that the Genoa march also seeks to save costs

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The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, met this Friday at the party's national headquarters with the president of the Xunta and main



, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

This is confirmed to this newspaper by sources in Genoa.

This is the most anticipated meeting in the PP, since the




is the moral leader of the moderate current of the party, who does not agree with some of the great decisions of Casado and his team.

In the PP they confirm the meeting, but do not reveal the content.

In any case, they discount that there has been talk of the surprising announcement of the change of headquarters.

Despite the secrecy of the meeting between the two leaders, the cameras of the Sexta have captured Feijóo at the exit of Genoa, 13, who has left through a side door, by car.

In that same chain, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has assured that leaving there will serve to "cancel the PP mortgages."

This same Friday, in an interview in Cope, Feijóo has clearly and harshly criticized the decision to leave Genoa, 13. And he stressed that "from the past you do not deny yourself, you learn."

"If every time there is a problem we change the venue, there is no venue of any party in Spain that deserves to continue being so."

"Temperance and forcefulness"

After Casado assured Tuesday that they will not give new explanations about the corruption of the past, the Galician leader has indicated that he disagrees, because the PP does not hide or hesitate "with rugged issues" in its history.

The president of the Xunta believes that in a state party the important thing is not "only to win elections", since "a politician who does not win in the end will be relieved by a comrade" and that Casado's responsibility is to consolidate the PP as " great reference and only alternative to socialism, populism and independence ".

"We are a party that has resisted everything" and "we will be in government sooner rather than later."

For this, the PP must, in his opinion, "maintain temperance, but also the forcefulness of our principles."

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