In February 2015, the Egyptians woke up to the news that the Egyptian Air Force had carried out a surprise attack on ISIS sites in Libya, in quick reaction to the organization's broadcast of a video of the execution of 21 Egyptian Copts.

The swarm movie - which was recently released propaganda - is inspired by these real events from the Egyptian Air Force heroics, relying on the Air Force’s incident of revenge on the blood of innocent Egyptians.

A group of the most prominent Egyptian cinema and drama stars participate in the film, such as Ahmed El Sakka, Sherif Mounir, Aser Yassin, Hend Sabry, Ghassan Masoud, Karim Fahmy, Ahmed Hatem, Mahmoud Abdel-Moghni, Mona Zaki and Hend Sabry, in addition to a large number of honorary guests, and the film is written by Omar Abdel Halim and directed Ahmed Nader Jalal, produced by Tamer Morsi.

The advertising campaign for the movie comes even though its filming has not yet ended, and therefore no date has been set for showing it in cinemas yet, especially since the mid-year holiday season has ended, and we do not expect that the huge production film will be released before the summer season.

The short announcement enables judging the enormity and generosity of the production, in terms of the level of the Egyptian Air Force's participation in the film, the presentation of a full Egyptian squadron in the advertisement scenes, and the outstanding filming at night. In addition to refusing to use graphics, and interest in presenting realistic scenes.


Tamer Morsi, the producer of the film, commented on Twitter, "We made the choice and they were afraid of it ... We made the squadron ... and they were afraid of him. The president of Egypt promised and he fulfilled it."

Our choice and were

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we workers flock .. and Hakhavo him 😉😉

# Rias_msr promised punishment # squadron soon ,

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gift # United Egyptian people .. # Almagd_llhhda men believed Maahdoa Allah be

upon him # Msr_alazmy

- Tamer Mursi (@tamermursii) February 14, 2021

Egyptian artists published pictures of them during the filming of the movie scenes, and the artist Ahmed El-Sakka - the main hero of the film - commented that the competent authorities provided all the factors for the production of the film, and confirmed that he is happy with the film "like a little family."

Al-Sakka added - in televised statements - that the film is a medal on its chest, and that the audience will come out of the film in a state of fun because it presents a certain idea and message.

In turn, the artist Sherif Mounir spoke to Egyptian channels about the scenes of filming the film, explaining that the film team spent days with the real heroes of the Air Force, and added, "We healed men, and they welcomed us very much, and provided facilities with love and honesty."

From Corridor to Flock

"The Swarm" comes two years after the production of "El Mamar", written and directed by Sherif Arafa, which is like "The Swarm" of huge-budget war films, as its production cost amounted to about 100 million Egyptian pounds, and it received strong support from the military establishment in production. In advance, the Egyptian army struggled against the Israeli enemy during the war of attrition, and the film made good revenues, and was heavily publicized, and was shown by the private television channels of the United Media Company on the anniversary of the victory of October 2019.

The "swarm" like "the corridor" relies on a true story that only 6 years have passed since the Egyptians remember its events accurately, and the enemy presented by the "swarm" is still present in the Sinai or lurking on Egypt's western borders in Libya, so the masses can respond With his case, the audience expects from his industry to present the incident in a human context through live personalities and human stories, and is not limited to documenting the event.

Also, "The Swarm" comes after the great success of the series "The Choice" last Ramadan, produced by "Synergy", a company supported by the Egyptian authorities. The series documented the operations of the Egyptian army against terrorists in the Sinai and the desert of Egypt. It also transmitted its events to Libya as well, where the conspirators take it as a hideout to launch their plots against the Egyptian army, even if the dramatic action came too direct in many parts, but it was distinguished by the quality and generosity of production.

The Egyptian public is waiting for the second part of the series "The Choice", produced by "Synergy," directed by Peter Mimi, but with the participation of a different cast of actors, most notably Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Makki and Iyad Nassar, and it is presented under the title "So We Don't Forget", reviewing the historical period From 2012 to 2020, and presenting more massive war battles from the first part, the series - according to its industry - is a "national project for awareness and future generations," and is not subject to calculations of gain and loss.

It seems that the trend of the dominant production company in Egypt to present this type of war films and series documenting the historical period after the January revolution comes within the framework of the Egyptian authorities ’interest in presenting the war battles that the Egyptian army is fighting, after the movie" The Passage "two years ago achieved great success. After the absence of war films for many years on the cinema screen in Egypt, the most prominent of which are "Song on the Passage" (1972), "The Bullet is Still in My Pocket", (1974), "The Road to Eilat" (1993), and " Day of Dignity "(2004).