The presence of Iván Redondo in the electoral campaign of Catalonia has not gone unnoticed by Vox.

And for that reason, his parliamentary spokesman Espinosa de los Monteros wants him to give public explanations in Congress.

Because he understands that the director of the Cabinet of the Government is not a position of the socialist party of Catalonia and therefore, his public salary is required to be explained by Congress.

Thus, the parliamentary spokesman for Vox has presented a series of initiatives in Congress to clarify the relationship of a Moncloa position with the PSC, Salvador Illa and the electoral campaign.

Thus, the formation led by Santiago Abascal demands the appearance of Redondo to explain "how much time and salary the Spaniards have devoted as an advisor to the socialist candidate in the last elections of 14-F".

"How much time of their working hours have Iván Redondo and Francisco José Salazar [deputy of his cabinet in Moncloa] dedicated to advising the candidate of the Catalan Socialist Party in the Catalan regional elections on electoral matters?", Asks Iván Espinosa de los Monteros.

Vox wants Redondo to clarify what reasons justify "that the director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government dedicates his working hours to direct and advise the campaign of the Catalan Socialist Party in the Catalan regional elections."

In addition, he demands that he clarify on what date he began advising Salvador Illa, PSC candidate for Parliament, on electoral matters.

From the ranks of Vox, the Government is required to clarify what resources of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government "have been used to advise on electoral matters" to the socialist candidate.

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