China News Service, Paris, February 16 (Reporter Li Yang) The French National Assembly (the lower house of parliament) voted on the evening of the 16th local time to pass the "Consolidation of the Principles of the Republic" bill aimed at combating religious extremism and separatism.

  The French National Assembly passed the relevant bill with 347 votes in favor, 151 votes against, and 65 abstentions that night.

The bill was submitted by the French government at the end of last year. It aims to combat religious extremism and separatism and maintain secular values. It has attracted wide attention from France and abroad.

According to previous official statements, the bill does not target any religion.

  The bill has 70 clauses and contains a series of specific measures, including maintaining the neutrality of public services, strengthening the supervision of social groups, regulating family education, and increasing the transparency of funds for religious organizations.

Agence France-Presse reported that the National Assembly had debated for 135 hours on the relevant content of the bill.

  This bill was introduced by the government after the French teacher Samuel Patty was killed by extremists in October last year.

The killing of Patty triggered a strong response from all walks of life in French society.

French President Macron pointed out that Patty represents the secular values ​​of the French Republic; French officials will use legal means to strengthen the fight against religious extremism.

  French Interior Minister Darmanin welcomed the passage of the bill in the National Assembly.

He believes that the relevant bill is necessary for the country.

When he participated in the final debate in the National Assembly, he said that extreme religious ideology is contrary to the principles and values ​​of the Republic.

  The bill will then be sent to the French Senate for consideration and vote. Some senators have indicated that they will ask for the deletion of some controversial clauses.

Judging from the voting results of the National Assembly, the bill has won overwhelming support from members of the Republic Kadima Party, the ruling party who holds the majority of seats in the Parliament.

  Some analysts pointed out that in view of the severe anti-terrorism situation faced by France in the past few years, the French government must take strong measures to curb the deterioration of the situation.