Shin Hyun-soo, the head of the Blue House, who took office last year, expressed his appreciation for disagreements regarding the prosecutor-level personnel held on the 7th.

President Moon Jae-in is holding back Chief Shin's voice, but it is said that Chief Shin has not bent on his will.

An official at the Blue House said, "In the process of reconciling the disagreement between the Ministry of Justice and the prosecution over the prosecutor-level personnel held on the 7th, Min Jeong-soo Shin expressed his appreciation several times, and every time he held President Moon back."

The official said, "(Prosecutor's personnel on the 7th) the personnel proposal of the Minister of Justice was reported and announced to the Blue House without coordination," and "Senior Min Jeong regrets the announcement of the personnel plan while coordination is in progress. I think it was expressed."

The purpose of this is that Shin Hyun-soo, the chief executive officer of Min Jeong, expressed his gratitude for the announcement of the prosecutor-level personnel without reflecting his or her opinion.

An official at the Blue House said that it was not true that Shin expressed his appreciation for the conflict with the civil administration secretary Lee Kwang-cheol over the prosecution.

An official at the Blue House explained, "It is not at all correct to relate the internal situation of the Blue House Civil Affairs Office with the expression of Chief Shin's apologist."

Some media have raised suspicion that civil affairs secretary Lee Kwang-cheol had discussed the prosecution personnel with Attorney General Park Beom-gye, excluding senior civil affairs chief Shin Hyun-soo.

An official at the Blue House also said, "Please understand that the announcement was made while the personnel plan was being coordinated, rather than the passing," when asked whether Minister Park Beom-gye'passed' chief Shin Hyun-soo. Insisted.

Meanwhile, an official at the Blue House said that it was not true at all about the statement of appreciation by Lee Jin-seok, head of the Blue House's Office of State Affairs, who raised the possibility of prosecution in connection with the'Ulsan Mayor's alleged election intervention.

Also, the official explained that anti-corruption secretary Lee Myung-shin and legal secretary Kim Young-sik are in the process of finding a successor by expressing their appreciation for the former Senior Min Jeong-ho Kim Jong-ho.

(Photo = Yonhap News)