(New Year’s visit to the grassroots level) Eat New Year’s Eve dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala to buy New Year goods...Taiwan students record Chinese New Year holidays

  Chinanews.com, Nanjing, February 17th. Title: (New Year’s visit to the grassroots) Eat New Year’s Eve dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala to buy New Year goods...Taiwanese students record Chinese New Year holidays

  Author Zhong Sheng

  On New Year’s Eve, I made a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner with my Taiwanese classmates and watched the CCTV Spring Festival Gala together. On the first day of the New Year, I went to shopping malls to buy Chinese New Year goods and went to art galleries to enjoy painting exhibitions. People gather for dinner...In Dian's circle of friends, she recorded her colorful New Year activities.

  Di An is from Yilan, Taiwan. He is a freshman majoring in radio and television programming at Nanjing Normal University.

From watching TV shows on the mainland to looking forward to the mainland, Di An came to the mainland to study in his first year of high school and was successfully admitted to Nanjing Normal University.

Di An said: "I usually like to go to Confucius Temple, Laomendong and other places with strong historical and cultural atmosphere. I will also find some delicious shops."

  This year's Spring Festival, affected by the time of the epidemic prevention and isolation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, Dian thought over and over again and decided to stay alone in the mainland for the first time.

"I thought it would be deserted to stay alone in the mainland, but when shopping with friends, I found lanterns, couplets, and various festive songs in the shopping malls. The two sides of the Taiwan Strait were originally from the same root and the same culture. Seeing all these years full of flavors, the feeling of loneliness is immediately gone."

Di An and Taiwanese classmates prepare New Year's Eve dinner together.

Photo courtesy of respondents

  On New Year’s Eve, Di An and his Taiwanese classmates, mother and daughter, enjoyed a New Year’s Eve dinner with a mix of cross-strait dishes.

"We made the candied haws by ourselves, which was very prosperous and festive. I heard that during the Chinese New Year, I would watch the Spring Festival Gala while eating the New Year's Eve dinner. I always wanted to experience it. Actually, I found that the stage design of the Spring Festival Gala is well designed. It's very beautiful, and some of the sketches touched me a lot," Dian said.

  In addition to Di An, many Taiwan compatriots also choose to spend the Chinese New Year on the mainland.

Some invite friends who have not returned to Taiwan to have a New Year's Eve dinner, some organize small-scale gatherings at the resort, and some concentrate on watching variety shows and chasing dramas at home.

In Diane's opinion: "Everyone still misses family a little bit in their hearts, but everyone can get together to celebrate the New Year, or online'cloud' New Year greetings. There is still a New Year atmosphere in the mainland."

  The holiday fun is about to come to an end, and Di An is busy preparing for the school's project.

"The subject is to interview a person who has contributed to cross-strait exchanges. Our group is composed of me, a Taiwanese, a Hong Kong classmate, and a mainland classmate. We get along very well. We are ready to get to know the interviewees. Contributions made in promoting cross-strait exchanges."

  In the new year, Dian hopes that his studies will improve further, and at the same time he will visit various “check-in points” in Nanjing to “discover more of the beauty of the mainland and experience a different life in the mainland”.