The corona pandemic with travel restrictions and temporary overnight stay bans has brought tourism in North Rhine-Westphalia a historic slump.

The number of guests and overnight stays in hotels and guest houses, on campsites and in youth hostels fell to the lowest level in decades, as the State Statistical Office announced on Tuesday.

A total of only eleven million guests were counted, almost 55 percent fewer than in 2019. The number of overnight stays fell by 46.5 percent to 28.5 million.

Even in the summer months of July and August, when many restrictions were relaxed, the number of overnight stays was around a third below the previous year's figure.


Because most of the trade fairs had been canceled and city tourism had come to a standstill, the number of visitors from abroad fell particularly sharply.

The number of overnight stays by guests from abroad did not even reach ten percent of the previous year, as the statisticians reported.