Until 28 February, everyone in Västerbotten is urged to avoid unnecessary travel within or outside the county.

Even if the travel restrictions were to be extended, it still looks like it will be a sports holiday in the county's ski resorts this year.

- If people want to come here, we are ready, says Toni Franz, CEO of Hemavan Alpint.

Joel Stenvall, who is hotel manager for Hemavan's Högfjällshotell, says that at the moment they only offer accommodation in individual rooms but no meals, but that they plan to open the hotel just in time for the sports holiday.

"Convince that we survive"

- If you look at the full year, we lose 70-80 percent of sales.

Of course, it has a huge impact, but I am convinced that we will survive, says Joel Stenvall.

In Nalovardo outside Sorsele, it is basically fully booked during the sports holiday.

- People feel safe when there are their own cottages with self-catering, you do not go to Nalovardo to go to a restaurant, says Patrik Abrahamsson, CEO of Nalovardo.

In the clip, you hear David Johansson, CEO of Tärnaby alpine, about how they relate to the new restrictions.