Local sources (northern Iraq) said that the Turkish army carried out an airdrop on border sites inside Iraqi territory (north of Dohuk governorate) in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which comes within the framework of pursuing PKK militants.

The sources added that the landing took place at 9 border sites in Batifa district (north of the Zakho district) on the Iraqi-Turkish border, and that artillery shelling and armed clashes took place with PKK elements following the landing.

Regarding the losses that resulted, a Kurdish security source stated that he did not have confirmed information about the exact losses.

However, there is information that two members of the Labor Party were killed in the fighting.

In a related context, the Christian Crookes organization said that Christian clerics in Iraq warn that the Turkish military attacks inside Iraqi lands in the Kurdistan region and Nineveh Governorate are causing the displacement of more Christians.

The organization, which deals with Christian and Catholic affairs in particular, and which is based in the US state of Arizona, quoted Father Emmanuel Yukhna as saying that a large number of Christian villagers had to flee their homes because of the Turkish army's operations, which aim to strike the sites of the opposition Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters. Inside Iraqi territory.

The Turkish army had expanded its attacks as part of its operation known as "Tiger's Claw", which Ankara had announced its launch in mid-June to pursue the opposition Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters inside Iraqi territories.