Due to rainfall from the west, there is a risk of ice and slippery conditions.

It is still quiet on the roads, but the iciness can lead to dangerous situations and that is why the KNMI has issued a red code.

What can we expect Monday morning and the rest of the day?

With the exception of the southwest, there is a large risk of treacherous slipperiness due to ice on Monday morning, the KNMI reports.

Code red has been in effect for North Holland, the Wadden Islands, Friesland, Flevoland, Utrecht, Gelderland and North Brabant since 5 a.m.

From 07:00 the warning also applies to Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel and Limburg.

In Zeeland and South Holland, the iciness is limited and the KNMI has issued a yellow code for those provinces.

Rijkswaterstaat calls on road users to be well prepared for the road.

They have to take into account very dangerous conditions.

The ANWB calls on everyone to postpone travel for the time being.

Schools and day care facilities will remain closed

In many places in the Netherlands, primary schools and childcare will remain closed on Monday.

Local media report that many schools will keep their doors closed because the school buildings may be difficult to reach.

Some schools may open later on Monday.

RTV Drenthe

reports that all public primary schools in the province and the emergency shelter will not open.

In Overijssel it concerns "several schools", according to

RTV Oost


Many schools in Utrecht also remain closed,

RTV Utrecht




reports that education umbrella organization BOOR is closing all primary schools in the Rotterdam region.

According to

Omroep West,

the PO Council advises parents to keep an eye on the parent apps for information about closed schools.

Some libraries will also remain closed as a precaution.

GGD locations for corona tests or vaccinations closed

The test and vaccination locations of the GGDs will remain closed on Monday morning until at least 12 noon due to weather conditions, reports umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland.

For each region it is considered when the locations can open again.

People who have an appointment for a test or vaccination on Monday morning are asked to stay at home.

The GGD will call or text this group.

Existing agreements can be rescheduled.

It is also recommended to keep an eye on the website of the regional GGD.

Due to code red, the GGDs will close all test and vaccination locations until 12:00 tomorrow.

If you have an appointment for a test or vaccination, do not come to the location.

Per region, it is considered when locations can open again.



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NS runs according to the normal timetable, but there is a risk of disruptions

As planned, the Dutch Railways returned to the usual timetable on Monday.

An NS spokesperson reports that travelers would do well to consult the journey planner shortly in advance, because trains may be canceled.

Because trains have been stationary for a longer period of time and may therefore be difficult to start up, some journeys may be canceled, according to the spokesperson.

The Dutch Railways announced on Sunday that it would return to the regular timetable after train traffic had been seriously disrupted by winter conditions last week.

According to the spokeswoman, trains are now running again on every route.

According to her, there are no problems with the staff on Monday morning.

It was feared in advance that the employees would find it difficult to get to work due to the expected slipperiness, but that is not the case.

From tomorrow we will run the regular timetable, such as for the snow and frost period.

Some trains have stood still for a long time in extreme cold and that can still cause disruptions.

Check the travel planner before departure.

More info: https://t.co/IeEL3JZhLX


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