Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Feb 12

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Yinuo and Zhang Jinjuan

  Stay on top of one another and bid farewell to the old and welcome the new

  It is the Spring Festival. From the high mountain islands to the northern border of the Sierra Leone, from the coast of the East China Sea to the plateau desert, the officers and soldiers of the entire army stick to their positions, train and prepare for war, and guard the motherland and people.

While standing on guard, setting up guards, and guarding the sides, all units carried out colorful festival activities to ensure that officers and soldiers had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.

  In various theaters, various services and arms, various departments of the Military Commission, and armed police forces, the personnel on duty are tight and orderly, and the command is smooth.

All units strictly observe the system of combat readiness on duty, are always prepared to respond to emergencies, and always maintain a good combat readiness to ensure that they can be dispatched immediately to complete the mission and tasks assigned by the party and the people.

  Military orders are like iron, and horns urge.

On the training ground, the broad masses of officers and soldiers worked hard to train and prepare for battle.

A brigade of the 76th Army of the Army carried out marching training of armored units to comprehensively test the maneuverability of the armored units under complex conditions.

A certain brigade of the Air Force Aviation in the Eastern Theater has strengthened combat readiness training and special anticipation, and formulated multiple sets of combat readiness plans for the Spring Festival.

The Xinjiang Armed Police Corps focuses on counter-terrorism and stability maintenance tasks, analyzes and judges the situation, adjusts the deployment of troops, organizes officers and soldiers to carry out special duty and special training, special sentry and special training, thousands of officers and soldiers stationed in Urumqi carry out 24 hours in important areas such as airports, railway stations, and high-speed railway stations On duty patrols, a three-dimensional, grid-based patrol and control pattern combining points, lines and surfaces has been formed.

The 36th escort fleet of the Navy and the 37th escort fleet separated and embarked on a journey to the waters near Karachi, Pakistan to participate in the "Peace-21" multinational naval exercise.

The officers and soldiers of the launch battalion of a certain missile brigade of the Rocket Army who are on duty in combat readiness conduct special training on a number of difficult subjects, continuously improve their operational skills and improve their ability to win.

  The red flags and lanterns of the military camps of all the troops of the whole army are flying high, and there is a festive atmosphere everywhere.

A communications brigade of the Army in the Northern War Zone organized new soldiers to carry out colorful cultural activities such as hanging lanterns and sticking couplets, so that the recruits could celebrate the first Spring Festival of military life in the army.

The missile battalion of a certain brigade of the Air Force in the Central Theater of the Air Force changed the tradition of sticking the word "Fu" to the word "War", always strengthening the awareness of military readiness of officers and soldiers, and protecting the people to celebrate the Spring Festival.

An air defense brigade of the Northern Theater Navy scientifically implemented epidemic prevention and control measures, innovated the form of art performances, adopted indoor and outdoor live recording methods, and presented a brilliant cloud art evening for officers and soldiers in the form of dances, songs, and cross talks.

In the Shizuishan Detachment of the Ningxia Armed Police Corps, the officers and soldiers designed their own, carefully arranged the camps and platoons, and created a festive atmosphere by hanging lanterns, pasting spring festival couplets, and pasting window grilles.

  The party committees at all levels of the armed forces formed a group of condolences to go deep into the grassroots units to provide condolences to the officers and soldiers.

The Navy held a video condolences event to extend holiday blessings and sincere greetings to the 36th and 37th escort formations, the 175th formation, the Nansha garrison and the officers and soldiers stationed in the Djibouti support base that performed tasks during the holiday season.

In order to allow the frontline officers and soldiers stationed in the snow-covered plateau to have a happy, peaceful and warm Spring Festival, the relevant departments of the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission urgently organized the production of a batch of new special-needed holiday meals for our army, using air and road relay combined transportation, successively Sending to the frontline troops of the plateau border defense adds another "hard dish" to the holiday table for border defense officers and soldiers.

(Participating in writing: Li Bingfeng, Li Xiaodong, Li Yinghui, Zhu Jianghai, Zhang Wenjie, Liang Zhijie, Luo Huibo, Wang Guoyin)