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Democratic Party has set its direction to provide the 4th disaster support fund selectively to the victims.

It means that we will support the victims in March, and we will re-evaluate the general payment for the whole people later.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan.


'I will extinguish the urgent fire first', and the ruling party decided to'select' the 4th disaster support payment method and explained the reason as follows.

[Gimtaenyeon /, with the Democratic majority leader: The damage of the small business or self-employed, large and yet the pain is bigger longer and because March supplementary budget is (I'll focus) preferentially damages sector and vulnerable groups supported -

for injury-tier and low-income It means that we will hurry from customized support and judge again while looking at the corona quarantine situation for the universal payment to the whole nation to boost the economy.

The timing of the screening payment is the most likely next month.

Democratic Party leader Kim Tae-nyeon said that at the latest in early March, he received an additional budget bill from the government and made a consensus with the government in providing support money by the end of March.

The size of the supplement is expected to be larger than KRW 9.3 trillion at the time of the 3rd subsidy.

[Gimtaenyeon /, with the Democratic majority leader: 3rd (I think) disaster assistance than some would further scale is not keojyeoya is because the need to organize in a way that minimizes salpyeoseo a dead zone more densely -

Government officials even "selectively grant "There is a consensus between the party and the party in letting you feel it," he said. "It is common sense to see that the amount of support will increase compared to the third."

Democratic Party President Lee Nak-yeon, Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun, and Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki discussed the 4th disaster support payment and supplementary bill at the high-ranking party government hearing held at the Prime Minister's mission on the evening of the 14th.

As the ruling party, which has been discussing the simultaneous promotion of screening and universality, is stepping back with priority payment of only screening, the practical procedure for payment of subsidies is expected to accelerate.

(Video coverage: Jung Sang-bo, video editing: Kim Jin-won)